Mad Men is a great show. Extremely fictional, yet built on the truth of a man in that time period. The internet will provide the details on that. I brought it up because the saying “cold calling is dead” sounds catchy and edgy just like what a mad man would say.

Ever since I started lead generation work via cold calling, which was June 2013, I’ve heard people say that. The message is okay, but it’s misleading to use such a drastic word like dead to describe the practice.

There’s a pulse on it and it’s not faint either. That coronary system of cold calling is pumping a solid 60 beats per minute and it will (forgive me, but I’m going to use an absolute) always be there. As long as there are people on this planet wanting to do business with each other. You can bet my bottom dollar on that one, folks.

Here’s a rhetorical question for you: Why do I, Barnaby Alkire, think cold calling will never truly die?

Because there’s something that happens when you have a stranger in the business of producing value for a stranger that may needs support. Plus, there is a lot of skill communicating, making someone laugh, and add value to their day when you call or follow up with them.

AI will never drop its artificial feces on that.

Here are the points to take away from this post.

1) If you’re going to draw people to read your content, don’t use misleading words to describe a particular practice. People run with the title and not the content then start making claims on the practice as if they’re experts.

2) Cold calling is a skill like that of a surgeon holding a scalpel. It’s a delicate process that takes a lot of practice and concentration to perform precisely.

3) When done well, people thank you for calling and enjoy the time with another human being that went out their way to present another road to walk on within their business.

This can be elaborated on for hours and thankfully this is a post, so there’s more to come later down the road.

Am I an expert? I don’t think I am, however, if you ask my previous director then they might say I had a good idea of what I was doing while cold calling. $380,000 in annual recurring revenue is not bad by calling people to set meetings for the sales folks to continue the conversation of the service I represented.



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