Schmuck: exhibit A.

Our investor probably drives a nice car. We don’t know what he drives. But it’s probably nice.

But what if he’s one of those rich people who like to be rich incognito? Maybe he drives a 1994 Toyota Camry. Or maybe he drives a Ford sedan — or maybe he’s a family man and drives a minivan! He might be really modest.

Oh, an Acura just pulled into the lot; that’s probably him! Quick, everyone, look busy.

Oh, nope. That wasn’t him.

Wait, look! A Ford sedan did pull into the lot! That’s definitely him.

Oh. Nope, it was just some schmuck, wearing some suit, going to some office, working in administration for some company. Why does he even try? I bet his mom goes around telling people how her son is a productive member of society at some random company, and she’s so proud of it too. Meanwhile, he wastes away in some office in some suit while the sun shines bright and his days on Earth are numbered. The glistening oceans roll and the bright blue sky beckons, yet he sits inert while his spirit and flesh rot.

Oh, a Nissan! That’s the investor! Okay, back to pretending to work, everyone!


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