Is unity achieved by avoiding issues we might disagree on?

There are always hot button issues that people push or avoid pushing. I woke up this morning thinking a very simple thought.. is avoiding the conversation, solving the problem.

When me and Taylor, my wife, get into a rut. When we disagree. When an elephant makes its way into the room… we have never solved the problem by avoiding dialogue. I have definitely made it worse by giving a monologue… We have definitely made it worse by pretending it isn’t there… but it’s never gotten better or been solved that way.

I don’t want to dive into specific issues, but I do want to lay out a challenge. There is a difference between a conversation and a speech. There is a huge difference between a dialogue and a monologue.

God gave each one of us, two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion. — I forgot.

Am I avoiding an issue because my opinion is too loud? Am I avoiding an issue because I’m afraid of dividing a friendship?

At the end of the day, I want to fight for unity. Even if it makes me uncomfortable. See conversations as steps to understanding… not steps to be understood.

Ask more questions.

Give less answers.

The value of your answers will increase. Because your understanding will increase.

Let’s fight for a unified tomorrow, one conversation at a time.


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