This month on The Distillery we are examining one of the most difficult, yet least often discussed hardships of entrepreneurship: mental health.

While this an issue that many entrepreneurs struggle with privately, we don’t often talk openly about it in the broader conversation. But we need to.

We know that being an entrepreneur can take a toll on your health. Long days and nights, immense pressure, and isolation wears down the mind and body. Sleep is fleeting and exercise is forgotten. In some experiences, friendships and relationships suffer. The grind can get dark.

And while we highly value hard work, we do not believe that entrepreneurs should sacrifice their health for success.

So this month, we’re starting a dialogue and encouraging you to talk about it. We’re also sharing the stories of entrepreneurs who consider their health & wellness as a critical piece of their success.

We sat down with Brent McCrossen, founder of Audiosocket and Lidcore. McCrossen shares his deeply personal experience of suffering with his health during a highly difficult period in his company’s growth. McCrossen shows us how he now integrates non-negotiable health & wellness tactics into his lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

We talk to Shenna Mannina, health coach, owner of Raw Republic, and host of the Raw Talk with Sheenapodcast to get practical health tools that every entrepreneur can tackle in their overworked lives.

And guest contributor Arielle Jordan, founder of Dreamstarter writes about why painting the picture of a glamorous lifestyle is bad news for entrepreneurs’ mental health, and how she finds small ways to stay grounded through it all.

There is nothing sexy about sacrificing your health for your startup. As my colleague Molly Horton said so well, let’s put an end to glorifying the grind.

We hope you’ll join us and be a part of the conversation.


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