I’ve been paying more attention to the present instead of focusing on the past. We can’t rewrite our past, but we can learn from our past to create a better future. I used to be so hard on myself, and all my life I thought I was supposed to make everyone happy. I ended up being the uncomfortable one while people smiled. I avoided confrontation and conflict due to the fact that I didn’t want to dissapointed anyone!

Now, I am at peace with myself. I live who I am and who I am becoming. I don’t feel the need to please everyone and I confront conflict head on. I learned by paying attention to myself. Then I began meditation. I learned to impress myself. To focus on my goals. I go hiking and marvel at the beautiful landscape, I go to the beach to feel the sand beneath my toes. I am grateful and amazed by life daily. I’m focusing on eating healthy, exercise and controlling my mind. We tend to speak negative to ourselves and that can be a blow to your self esteem. Anyhow my friends, just thought I’d share a few things about my current journey in life. Peace and love




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