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In September 2016, social media star, Jay Versace, came out on Snapchat. In the video towards the bottom of this post, Jay explains that there’s a substantial number of homophobic people in New Jersey, where he grew up. He was raised in the church so he wasn’t able to be honest about his sexual preferences.


Versace didn’t want to come out because he was going against everything his family thought him. He didn’t want to disappoint his loved ones so he hid his true self. He held it in because he didn’t think his family members would speak to him if he came out. Make sure you’re following Jay’s social media accounts.

Jay Versace’s Snapchat username is TheRealVersace1:

Jay Versace Snapchat Username

Jay Versace Snapchat Username 
 Hiding who you are will ruin you. No one can hide who they truly are forever, therefore it doesn’t make sense to try. At one point, Jay vowed to hide the news from his family forever. In the video below, the 18-year-old explains that he was in the shower when he finally convinced himself to come out.

 Jay says that his ancestors encouraged him to come out. The YouTube star is now living his life for himself and he no longer cares what other people think. The truth shall set you free!

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