On Thursday English class we took part in a very interesting assignment. Each of us got a secret task to select three people for our own project. I needed to choose three guys for the team involved in creating a new international news website and online magazine. So, we have to talk to everyone in the group and have a small interview to find the best candidates.

As a result, I got five potentional employees so I selected the best of them.

№1 Caroline Michelson, a 23-year-old broadcaster from Louisiana

Journalism is Caroline’s field of expertise so she’s absolutely suitable candidate for this position. She can be responsible for providing news and preparing reports.

№2 Eva Sivan, a 23-year-old PR-manager from New York

Eva is a specialist in advertising and she is a very creative person so her responsibilities may include advertising of the website and PR. She can make our website really popular!

№3 Jack Lincoln, a 20-year-old artist from New Mexico

Jack is a cool artist so he can be in charge of design and pictures on the website to make it more attractive for people.

So, we have a cool team with all the necessary skills. Moreover, we can provide news on three foreign languages exept English as Caroline speaks Russian fluently and Jack speaks French and Chinese.