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Who hacked Kim’s Snapchat account? If you follow the reality star on the messaging app, you were probably surprised to see the revealing pictures posted to her account. Her account was most likely hacked. The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood star attended high school with fellow cast member, Tyara Hooks.


The video towards the bottom of this post shows Kim and Tyara discussing their differences. They say karma has no menu. We all get served what we deserve. Tyara claims that Kim bullied her on social media. Kim’s bullying could explain why her Snapchat account was hacked. What goes around, comes around. Make sure you’re following Kim’s social media accounts.

 Kim Johansson’s Snapchat name is KimberSlay:

Kim Johansson Snapchat Name

Kim Johansson Snapchat Name
Tyara says Kim has used Tumblr to post videos making fun of her. Tyara has to understand what Kim’s shade means. When people hate on you, it’s actually them complimenting you. When a person is jealous of another person they typically hate, to make themselves feel better.

 Kim claims that her beef with Tyara started after Tyara started speaking with a British accent. Kim wanted to expose Tyara for using the fake accent. Kim shouldn’t be worried about Tyara’s accent, it has nothing to do with her. We spend too much time judging others. No one is perfect and karma is real.

 What do you think about Tyara and Kim’s beef? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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