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Las Vegas SEO is the process by which web sites that represent businesses within the Las Vegas area are pushed higher up in the rankings on search engines for specific phrases and terms that are being targeted. This exact same process can be used for any city or region, and any kind of business. The process of search engine optimization works the same no matter what type of business is being represented on the website, and the strategy that is used in order to achieve the results remains consistent as far as the elements that go into it. Naturally, each project is different in the needs that are being represented, and the different types of work that will be necessary in order to accomplish the goals. The actual elements of each strategy remain the same throughout, due to the fact that nearly every old SEO trick they used to get results no longer work. In the past, there were many different methods that search engine optimization companies would use to ultimately trick search engines like google into position and then higher, but algorithm updates over the years have essentially eliminated almost all of these tricks. While there are many search engine optimization companies who still use them in an attempt to gain higher rankings, they generally failed to these tasks. It is unfortunate that most customers do not understand the specifics a search engine optimization strategies and ultimately cannot tell the difference between one company and another, relying upon sales tactics and information provided by that company in order to make a determination as to their success rate. The best thing that a person can do to choose search engine optimization company is to look over their client list and use your best judgment as far as whether the information seems to make sense. For example, the search engine optimization company has hundreds of clients but each of these clients only lasts a few months is probably not very good at the actual task of SEO, and are far better at the task of gaining new clients. A good sales strategy does not necessarily mean that you’re good at search engine optimization, and a large client base that only lasts a short time each is probably due to people trusting their services initially and realizing overtime that it doesn’t work. Another common mistake that people make is to rely solely on judging search engine optimization by their own ability to rank their website. A lot of people will simply google “SEO” and the city they are in, providing them with a list of search engine optimization companies in that area. They assume that the top companies are the ones that you get the best results due to the fact that they’ve done it for themselves. What you must realize is that there are different types of strategies that get results that last over time, or are eliminated within only a few months. While search engine optimization company may be able to lose all their rankings and then create an entirely new website relatively quickly, you probably don’t have that same luxury with your business. If the strategy that the SEO for a tour company has employed in order to gain rankings for themselves is not something that can be applied toward your business, then it probably isn’t the best fit. The best bit of advice that can be given on choosing a search engine optimization company is to interview them and ask for proof of the results they have gained. See if their results are for only a short period of time before they are lost or if they have stuck for a long period. Ask about what strategy may use in order to gain rankings, and ask what exactly they will be doing for you.

Many search engine optimization companies will not discuss their strategies with clients. But they are afraid that if people can look at the specifics of what is done, then they would be able to do it themselves and ultimately not need to hire them. Focus Internet Services is transparent with our strategies because we understand that clients will realize that we are providing a specific service and expertise within this field. Anybody can install their own flooring, but most people will realize that hiring a professional to do the job will provide a better result due to the fact that they are more experienced this task than you are. Our search engine optimization strategy is relatively simple. First we develop the list of keywords that we’re going to attempt to rank for. These keywords are developed in conversations with the business owners as far as what terms they believe that their customers would search for. This list of terms is then analyzed against traffic patterns and competition in order to develop a working list that can have an adequate amount of monthly work done to achieve results. One of the things that will constantly hinder search engine optimization progress is that there is not enough budget being allocated to cover the amount of work necessary. Because results are only gained over time, many search engine optimization companies will simply do the amount of work that they are allows to do without discussing the fact that this is probably not enough. It is far better to be up front as far as expectations for the amount of hours that can be put in, which will ultimately produce more predictable results. Within the client budget, we determine how many hours will be allocated towards each targeted term in order to produce a higher ranking result with an expected timeframe. As we worked words this goal and each turn that is targeted finally ranks in a position that is adequate, we move on to the next term in the list.

After the list is developed, we analyze the existing website to see if it is usable for search engine optimization. The website must be able to present itself appropriately our mobile devices and on desktops, must load fast and must be pleasing for customers to use. If the website itself is not up to par, we suggest that a new website be built that will provide that platform that we need. If the existing website needs to be changed in order to provide better results, then this is undertaken before any real search engine optimization starts. It is important to build a foundation correctly before you start allocating time towards the specific SEO process. After the website is in order, we begin the process of search engine optimization for the specific terms that we’re targeting. The way this is accomplished is through creation of content on that topic which is positioned inside of the website. Each topic will have an individual page within the site dedicated to it. This is the page that we expect google to rank for the targeted term, and this page will contain the most evolved and important information on that topic. The idea is to create the best information for customer on this specific subject, that google can understand easily in order to view it as being the authority on this topic. We will generally not right less than 500 words on any piece of content, as google views it as being too thin to be an authority if it is under 500 words. After this content is developed, the processes used in order to make google understand the topic better are put into place. This is known as onsite optimization, and is a relatively standard procedure of creating title tags and descriptions as well as put in place certain terms and variations of terms.

After the target content page has been created and optimized, we begin the process of supporting that content as an authority by creating links. The links that are created or distributed either on the website or on other websites that link back to yours. Each piece of content that is created for these situations are optimize the same way there, and each is viewed as a page or potentially can rank on its own for that subject. If the content is put into the existing website, it is then went back to the target page in order to provide more extended information at that place. If the content that is developed is positioned on another website, a either links back to the target page or to the support pages within the website. This web of interlinking provides google with the understanding that the place where all the links point to is the authority on that topic. Not all links are created equal, and google will analyze both the page and the web site that the link is coming from in order to determine if it is important for this topic or not. A link from a web site that deals with this object is worth more than a link from a website that doesn’t. The general rule of thumb is that it a website can rank for a topic, then a link from that website will give your website the ability to rank for that topic. If the page that the link is coming from does not have the ability to rank for that topic, then it has little value to your website in order to push your own rankings up. The strategy of not necessarily creating huge volumes of links, and instead concentrating on the quality of the links is one that has been working for years and will continue to work in the future. Instead of going against the terms of service of google, we are instead doing exactly what they want us to do. We are creating the best information on that topic and positioning it on our client’s websites. This makes those websites be viewed as the authority on this subject, and ultimately pushes them higher up in the rankings naturally.

When it comes to ranking positions, only the first page will provide you with any benefit. Most customers when they are searching for a specific product or service will only consider the web sites that are delivered to them on the first page of search engine results, and most will actually only choose from the top few. Statistics show that around 45% of customers who use search engines to make a decision had decided on the website their ranks first, 25% click to the website that ranks second, 12% third, 6% fourth, 3% fifth, 1.5% sixth and down from there. Once you’ve gone to the bottom of page one, you will probably not be getting more than 1% of the total traffic it is available for that particular search term. This is why it is so important to not only rank on the first page but as high as possible, due to the fact that traffic numbers will decrease by about ½ for every position down the page your website has achieved. The benefits of search engine optimization as advertising over traditional advertising is that people are proactively searching for the specific things that you sell at that point in time, as opposed to simply positioned your business in front of a group of people that is not necessarily interested. Anyone who is proactively asking for information is far closer to making a purchase than any random person that you have simply made aware that your business exists. An ad in a magazine might be seen by 10,000 people but only those few who are interested in a particular product of service are really going to potentially look into contacting you. When people are searching on search engines, 100% of them are interested in this topic for one reason or another. This means that the customer potential is far higher for those businesses that are presented in the top results on search engines over every other form of marketing. Our business provides Las Vegas SEO for Las Vegas businesses, but we can also provide search engine optimization for any business in any city. Naturally, are only able to meet face to face with businesses in Las Vegas, but luckily our work does not need to be done from any physical location, this means that we can apply our same techniques to any business, anywhere in the nation. If you’re interested in learning more about our search engine optimization strategies and programs, to feel free to contact us directly at (702)-767–4637. We can also be reached to our website at https://www.focusinternetservices.com/las-vegas-seo/



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