Plus, why location-based data is important.

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Live streaming is showing great potential for businesses. It’s also scaring the TV news media. The Presidential Debates showed an increased interest watching these debates live and online. The rise of live streaming was quick. In a few years, we saw several companies pushing into this new form of media. We will soon see the leaders. Marketers, it’s important to find out which platform is the best fit for your brand and company. There’s also new data on location-based data. This has some interesting insight into where you should advertise. What companies you should partner with and more! It shows off how important this will be in the near future. Also, Facebook has released new CTA buttons. This is just in time for the holidays. It’s time to experiment with these buttons. Find out which ones works best for your business. I’ll be testing out, “Shop Now.” I am selling some great products on my store. Find out more below.

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Marketing News Analyzed:

  • Facebook will now re-rank content client side
  • Facebook has several new call-to-action buttons
  • WP Engine is making lots of money
  • IAB posts standards for dynamic content ads
  • Research about primary buying habits
  • Pinterest announces the Pin Collective
  • Google bring Survey 360 to its 360 suites
  • Google only looks for the HTTPS tag for ranking
  • Adwords gets a new extension for manufacturers
  • Foursquare releases data on why location-based data is important
  • Why live-streaming is important
  • Instagram is testing out live streaming

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Tweetable Quotes:

If you are not pricing competitively, you’re losing sales

Location-based data is important.

Your work equals your content. Do it well.


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