1. Wasting time worrying, even though you have an entire lifetime to work.
  2. Being alive for a quarter of your life and still having a negative net worth.
  3. Making sure you find some time for the lake, the golf course, and friends.
  4. Keeping you ears open for opportunities. Friends of friends. Friends of friends of friends.
  5. Having that saying running through your head, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Maybe it’s true.
  6. Reaching out to people you barely know because you heard that maybe they could help. And feeling pretty awkward about it.
  7. Botching several interviews. Too nervous. Putting too much pressure on yourself. And realizing you need more practice.
  8. Doing a Google search: “Popular interview questions”
  9. Beefing up your resume. Not with lies, but accentuating the truth as much as possible. On paper, looking better than you actually are.
  10. Moving to a city with more jobs. Being surprised by the amount of opportunity, despite it not being San Fransisco or New York.
  11. Taking a job you didn’t want and looking for a better job on the side.
  12. Still living like a college kid on the weekends. Asking, “Will I ever grow up?”
  13. Getting the job you wanted in the first place. Nervous excitement. Intimidation.
  14. Realizing the college you went to and your resume meant nothing. All that mattered now was how you performed. And that all you needed was a foot in the door.


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