Why I started making content on Snapchat and how it helped grow my following faster than anything else.

The power of video is strong!

Less than a year ago I was quiet, I still I am but something is different. After investing time watching stories on Snapchat and thinking… “wait a minute, I could do this too” I set about making short stories on Swift & iOS development. — Looking back, the content itself was not important to begin with it could have been anything

The process of talking to the camera, helps in many ways. It’s like blogging you can focus your thoughts and as someone who is introverted stories are an amazing platform to make a point and talk to an audience and not have to raise your voice.

“Stories let you talk to an audience without having to talk to an audience.”

From this foundation I started to notice I was beginning to improve in other situations as well. As with anything it’s an ongoing process but if you were to tell me this time last year that I would have been pitching to a room full of people I would never have believed you — But that has happened now more than once. It was fine. 🎉

The benefits of being a “content creator” are huge. For anyone to have authority on a topic you need to back it up and having a show or creating stories on Snapchat is a great way.

After I started making stories I grew my Twitter following from around 150 to close to 500 followers, my LinkedIn account also grew from around 200 connections to 500+ (1760 to be specific at the time of writing). Follower counts are not important but it just increases the chances of your content being seen & ultimately getting engagement which is what it is all about.

Anyone can start making stories, it’s not about “knowing the platform” or “Snapchat’s tricky UI,” start by taking a blog post you may have written in the past and turn it into a story. Focus on the key points you need to get across and start recording, once you have done this a couple of times you will instantly start to feel more comfortable.

Just like any story it needs to have a defined start, middle and end. This is true for stories no matter how short / long.

It does not even matter if no one watches at the start either, but soon this does become a focus & once you invest a lot of time into creating content — it’s tough to just watch it just disappear as stories do on Snapchat.

Imagine writing a blog post for it only to be seen for 24 hours, then vanish…

This does not have to be the case though. We have developed Snappd to provide a place for stories to live on. This is part of the story as to how we came up with the idea for Snappd. People are telling fantastic stories that just disappear we have to do something, join us!



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