Property proprietors under the points of confinement of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) are confronting part of disarray and obstacles in getting khatas from the BBMP. Khata fundamentally is an essential property ID archive issued by the neighborhood municipal body to perceive the responsibility for property in their points of confinement. Khata contains the points of interest of property like name of the proprietor, measurement of the plot or size of the building, area of the property and different subtle elements which causes legitimately proprietors to document property charge. Aside from this khata is required for applying for building permit, for exchange permit, for advance from any banks or monetary organizations and so on.,

In 2007 seven city metropolitan chambers (CMC) Kengeri Town Municipal Council (TMC) and 110 towns, were brought under the organization of Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BMP). In this manner, about 2/third region was added to the current 1/third zone under BBMP. Just properties which were endorsed by the town arranging powers and some different properties entirely fitting in with the bi laws of the BBMP has been issued “A” Khata. For the remaining properties in the recently included ranges the proprietors can pay expense to BBMP and get the “B” khata structure. As per BBMP there is in no way like “B” khata, yet it is just a concentrate of the B register kept up by the metro powers to make passages of the charges gathered on the properties.

“A” Khata is required to be from the BBMP to perceive the responsibility for property which makes the proprietors qualified to get municipal conveniences reached out to them. Be that as it may, the greater part of the properties in the old CMC regions now going under BBMP have numerous inconveniences in getting “A” khata the same number of anomalies relating to land transformation, building bye law infringement and so on., are widespread in these properties. To get “A” Khata the area ought to be DC changed over, proprietors ought to have paid a la mode duty furthermore paid advancement charges to the BBMP relating to changed over terrains. Every single political partie guarantees the general population about ‘Akrama — Sakrama’ plan for regularizing unapproved/fabricating infringement developments. Be that as it may, nothing is occurring in such manner till date.

The Government must step to relieve the issues of property proprietors in Bangalore city either by ÇFactualizing the beforehand considered plan of ‘AKRAMA — SAKRAMA’ or other plan, to regularize the property possessions by gathering one time punishment/expenses, empowering the natives to apply and acquire “A” Khata for their property

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