The DC Area has traditionally been a strong real estate market

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We have had our ups and downs like the rest of the country but they’ve been far less severe than market fluctuations in other areas. The federal government provides many direct jobs and over the last 20 years, the government contracting industry has taken on a new life of its own. We are also a very tech-heavy region and considered by some to the the ‘Silicon Valley of the East Coast.’

All of these factors add up to a real estate market that can provide valuable investments and excellent long-term homes. While the outer suburbs have grown dramatically over the last 15 years, real estate always comes down to the most important factor, location. The closer the property is to the city, the more stable to price fluctuations year in and year out. That’s the bottomline.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is celebrating with clients after helping them successfully buy a home. I’m very passionate about cooking and I like to share that passion, as seen below.

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