Embracing a long-term investing perspective.

No matter how you voted this week, the most important thing now is how we move forward

With the election behind us, you are probably wondering what this means for our economy and, more personally, what this means for your investments.

What should I do?

It may seem like a crazy time to start investing. But sound investing does not come from predicting daily or weekly movements of the stock market.

On the one hand, enduring value will always be there for people willing to look. Temporary price dips may even be an opportunity to buy fundamentally quality stocks or funds at a discount.

On the other hand, selling stocks based on emotion when the market dips can lock in unnecessary losses. There is no need to panic and get derailed.

Realize there are broader trends at play that will reshape the economy — natural resource management, innovation in technology, and an aging population to name a few. Focus more on these. Presidential elections don’t happen in a vacuum.

The market this week

You can see in Finimize daily market recaps for the days following the election — the stock market was down, then it was up, and then it was somewhere in between…



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