I made my foray in the world of Algorithmic trading last year. I enrolled in the 6-month Executive Programme for Algorithmic Trading (EPAT™) which is offered by QuantInsti, one of Asia’s pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute. After completing the course I got an opportunity to work at QuantInsti, and needless to say, I was excited to take it up.

I started writing on QuantInsti’s blog roll since early 2016. From Algorithmic Trading Strategies to Machine learning to Sentiment Analysis to Python to R Programming I was everywhere in 2016. With the daily readership on QuantInsti’s blog roll numbering in thousands and soaring with each passing day, my endeavor was to dole out value-added articles that stood out from the crowd. Here’s a list of my top 10 articles for 2016. Read, like & share them with your friends.

  1. 5 Things To Know Before Starting Algorithmic Trading

Are you new to algorithmic trading? Here’s my article which introduces the essential components that make up algorithmic trading.

2. Machine Learning and Its Application in Forex Markets

Enter the world of Machine Learning! In this post I explore the Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm for trading, detail the feature selection process, frame rules and test the accuracy of the machine learning model.

3. Sentiment Analysis on News Articles using Python

Decode the sentiment from financial news articles to trade profitably in the markets. This article shows you how it can be done using Python programming language.

4. Data Visualization in Python using Bokeh

Want to learn data visualization using Python? Here’s my post on data visualization using the popular Python Bokeh library. Explore Bokeh to create myriad informative charts for your trading needs.

5. Predictive Modeling in R for Algorithmic Trading

Are you new to predictive modeling? Want to devise your own machine learning trading strategies? Check this easy step-by-step guide on predictive modeling. Read on!

6. Long Call Butterfly Strategy in Python

Learn the popular Long Call Butterfly strategy and download the python code to plot the payoff chart.

7. RExcel Tutorial — Leveraging the Power of R in Excel

Learn how to replace the cumbersome Excel formulae with simple constructs using RExcel. The article explores different ways in which RExcel package can be leveraged for your daily Excel needs.

8. Creating Heatmap using Python Seaborn

It’s so easy to decipher live markets with heatmaps. Here’s a fully downloadable heatmap code in Python to create these cool heatmaps. Go ahead and download for free!

9. Sentiment Analysis in Trading using R Programming

Want to explore Sentiment analysis with R for trading! It’s easy, it’s fun, and I bet you’ll love demystifying the sentiment using your own models.

10. Common R Programming Errors Faced by Beginners

Spent your valuable scarce time decrypting R errors and failed! Check this article which details the most common errors faced by novice programmers.



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