Finding a commercial property is a challenge that can be at times greater than finding a good residential property. With residential projects there are more number of options, more active projects and more resale options. The buyer is actually spoilt for choice and the challenge is more in zeroing down the right property as per personalized needs. On the other hand finding a commercial property in a good location can be tough as property owners are reluctant to sell any prime located commercial property.

Finding one commercial property that checks all the boxes for value for money, location advantage and a prized possession for the long term is hard to come by unless you are ready to spend in valuable time in your research and property hunt.

For example if you are looking to buy a restaurant in Delhi you are likely to come across many listings. The downside is that not all the listings would have the apt location or offer spacious restaurants in Delhi for resale. Property experts at portals like and many others have suggested the use of following ways to make sure your commercial property real estate search ends up well.

Make use of online listings: Online listings are one of the best sources of information when looking for commercial deals. From new projects to resale options online listings has a wide range of options in area. You can shortlist the property as per your area preference and give preference to verified listings.

Explore local classifieds: Make use of local classified listings or world of mouth deal options in your desired area. Not every seller is comfortable with online listings. Sometimes with an offline search you can get a good value for money deal from a genuine seller.

Hire services of a real estate agent: It is always good to hire the services of a real estate broker especially in a commercial property venture. The resale of a property has many orientations like the reasons for sale of a good property by the owner etc and a local broker can offer all such associated information about the property like no one else.

Look for new emerging markets: Many commercial property buyers look at tried and tested markets which offer a good footfall for the commercial venture. The prices in these markets are naturally on the higher side. Instead of such an option you can look at new emerging markets in the city which will have lower average prices but a good long term upside for both rentals and commercial footfall.



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