The number of travelers visiting Bangalore has witnessed a steady increase over time. The rise of the IT industry and setting up base for various multinational corporations has meant Bangalore today has more number of business travelers than most other cities in India. Being an IT hub many such travelers stay in the city for long. Needless to say they do not find hotels too comfortable for long nor do they find it much pocket friendly.

Serviced apartments began its journey in India from Bangalore as property owners started offering serviced apartments laced with all amenities for travelers seeking a medium term accommodation. Real estate trends at underline the fact that serviced apartments market has witnessed a steady increase in popularity in the last few years.

Here is a look at how you as a traveler to Bangalore can choose a reasonably priced value for money service apartment in the city.

Check out with real estate brokers: Finding a best luxury apartment in Bangalore may appear to be tough task but can be quite easy provided you seek services of a real estate broker specializing in service apartments. These brokers understand the need of the traveler and will offer you serviced apartments as per you need and budget. Of course you may need to shell out some money for availing their services but the money paid can be worth the effort as they help you cut out on the property hunting time for apt serviced apartment.

Opt for online realty portals: Another good way is to opt for online real estate portals as most serviced apartment owners list their property on such portals. Many real estate portals offer verified profiles where you can be assured on the quality of service as listed by the property owner.

Seek details from co travelers: There is nothing better than word of mouth testimonial. SO if you have any known travelers visiting Bangalore already seek their opinion and advice on shortlisted serviced apartments. As a repeated customer or coming from a reference you can expect a small discount coming your way.

Opt for local help: It is always a good idea to seek local help when booking a serviced apartment. Locals not only can be the best judge to choose the right area and the right price but can also do negotiations on your behalf. Ask your local friends in Bangalore to help you book a serviced apartment as per your scheduled travel dates.



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