About a month and a half ago, you may have noticed a new option in your Yorango sidebar:

“Contracts” in the sidebar

Today, we’re going to describe how this new feature works in more detail. The Contracts experience was built so that landlords and property managers can have a fully paperless experience, not just with Payments and Maintenance, but also by digitizing their existing Leases and allowing Tenants to e-sign them anywhere at their own convenience.

Let’s start off by uploading a template of our Lease. You can either click anywhere within the gray border to upload a PDF file of your choice, or simply drag and drop it from your desktop:

Upload your existing Lease in Yorango

From here, you can add Placeholders for your Tenants to fill out, such as one for a Signature or Date. You can drag and drop these placeholders from the top of your screen to anywhere in the PDF, scrolling to different pages if necessary. If you have multiple tenants under this lease (e.g. roommates), you can increment the number of tenants and choose which placeholders each tenant should fill out. You can also specify a title for this template, if it’s different from the name of the file you uploaded.

Create a Template on Yorango with our simple, drag and drop interface

Once you finish creating your Contract Template, you can assign it to any Listing from your Properties Dashboard. Assigning a template will automatically send an email requesting the tenants of the Listing to sign the Contract. The Tenant will receive a link to the Contract in their email, and will also be able to see it in their Contracts Dashboard as ‘Pending’.

Sending a Tenant a Lease on Yorango

Clicking that link allows them to fill out their Contract directly in their browser. As you may notice, any dates are automatically filled with the date of signing.

Fill out your Lease on Yorango

Tenants can create a signature with their mouse or touchpad while they are filling out their Contract. They can also choose a saved signature from a previous signing. All Signatures are securely stored in encrypted format on our file servers.

Draw a Signature, or choose an existing one

Both Landlords and their Tenants can view signed and pending Contracts, as well as existing Signatures, from their Contracts Dashboard. Landlords can also view any of their existing Templates and edit any of their names right from their Dashboard as well.

The Yorango Contracts Dashboard
Edit Template names from the Yorango Contracts Dashboard

All of these features are accessible right from your new Contracts Dashboard.

Let us know what you think! If you have any requests for new features, suggestions, bug reports, or would like to start listing or managing your properties with us, please fill out our contact form or send an email over to contact@yorango.com. Want your Landlord to start using Yorango? Send us a referral and we’ll help you both digitize rental. We’d love to hear from you!



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