The Future of Real Estate Advertising

Selling a home is all about gaining the attention of the right audience that will be the most likely fit for you particular property. Attention is King in selling. The cliche’ saying where attention goes.. money flows is so true. Here is a staggering statistic provided by Statista in 2016–78% of the worlds population now has a social media profile. That number has grown every year since 2008 when the percentage was 24%.

Social Media is changing the way we gain information today. The days of purchasing a newspaper or turning on the TV to watch the news are a thing of the past. We as consumers want NOW information and luckily for us its right at our fingertips.

To sell a home in today’s robust real estate market, the use of new age approaches to garner attention are more important than ever. The use of social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are more powerful than we could have imagined 5 to 6 years ago.

Your real estate agent, this day and age, should be taking an approach to include all if not most of these platforms in their marketing approach for your home sale. The ability to specifically demographic certain groups of individuals that would be the most likely fit for your home is right at our fingertips.

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