Great links shared on StockTwits over the past week that discuss process, mindset, & strategies for success in the Markets

“After all the pretty forecasts and projections, no one has any idea what the future holds.”

Uncertainty Scares Us, But You Can Do Something About It – Behavior Gap

Great advice for new traders and amazing reminders for grizzled veterans:

5 Insights for Aspiring Traders

“One of the most common mistakes I see traders make is sizing positions too large for the amount of pain they are emotionally prepared to endure. That creates a situation in which mere noise is likely to push a trader’s panic button.

The Psychology of Trading Panic

Pay attention to the “big moves”. The rest is noise:

Know where to look… – Adam H Grimes

“It would seem that put insurance is indeed cheap in calmer markets. It’s a great story, but is it borne out by the evidence? If you’re looking for portfolio insurance, better read up:

In Calm Markets Should We Buy "Cheap" Put Protection? – Alpha Architect

What a crazy week for traders playing with shipping stocks. If you lost money, chin up… even Geniuses get skinned:

More Than 300 Years Ago Isaac Newton Also Lost Money in Shipping Stocks

“In order for a transaction to occur in the financial markets (like getting out of a trade) someone needs to be willing to take the other side of your trade–to buy when you are selling for example. If there is no one there to transact with you at the stop loss price, the stop loss order (which is typically a ‘market order’) will find the nearest price where someone is willing to transact with you. At times this can be very far away from your stop loss price.”

Reducing the Risk of Catastrophic Trading Losses (Are You at Risk?)

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