The theme of gratitude and the practice of giving thanks to God for the abundance of God’s gifts to us are deeply biblical. On the other hand, the American Thanksgiving Day event can end up being an exercise that comes down to simply breaking bread with friends, family, and neighbors and being thankful for those we share and love with. The Pilgrims and the Indians brought their communities together and found peace with one another and were able to give thanks together, and that is so important. To know that people who are different can come together and celebrate all of God’s Blessings and live in harmony.

I know this year I am extremely thankful for all the people who have trusted me to help them in their home search, sale, or both. I am very passionate about helping people find their next home. Home provides a feeling of security, a place to be yourself, and a feeling of belonging. So to help people find “home” is something that makes me feel good. I hope that everyone find themselves feeling thankful for what they have this Thanksgiving Day no matter where you spend it, or who you spend it with. Knowing that we are all better together, and together we can build great communities. I look forward to continuing my efforts in helping families find “home” which leads to community.



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