Sysco Corporation, [NYSE]
Services | Food Wholesale | USA

The first trading idea was buying stocks of Sysco Corporation, $SYY (see pic. 1).

Pic. 1. Sysco Corporation, $SYY. Daily (Forecast)

The result is shown on the pic. 2.

Pic. 2. Sysco Corporation, $SYY. Daily. (Results).

This trade is in breakeven now and we took profit from ½ position, because of bearish divergence and breakout of local uptrend. In the left part of the pic. 2 (in the red rectangle) you can see very similar pattern to that one, which is in work now. They both worked out pretty well. Nothing to add here, excepting that it is a standard setup for trading and now we are still holding another ½ of this trade.

Loss from this recommendation = appr. -3.43% in 18 days (-29.72% annually).

The lesson is =>

1. Market seeks for repeating itself again and again. Use it. Try to find and trade similar trading setups and take advantage from them carefully.



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