Ten Reasons Southern California Enjoys its Unbeatable Reputation for Quality of life!

Weather — The weather in Southern California is simply unparalleled. While a great deal of America shovels snow, scrapes off cars, hydroplanes on icy roads, and experiences single digit weather for half the year, Southern California (virtually always) enjoys temperatures in the 60–70s, providing all the Vitamin D you need, via the warm California sun!

Economy — California possesses the 6th largest economy in the world. While a great deal of commerce in Southern California comes from the oil, technology, entertainment, import/export, and gaming industries, there is not a notable Fortune 500 corporation or broad field of work that does not have a significant hub in Southern California. World-class hospitals are immediately accessible to Southern California residents.

Good Eats! I’m not talking In-N-Out Burger, although that certainly is a plus. The San Joaquin Valley, dubbed “the basket of the world,” has some of the world’s most fertile soil. Rich in nutrients, it produces the majority of the 12.8% of the United States’ agricultural production. The produce from the San Joaquin Valley is easily accessible at all of the Farmer’s Markets in Southern California, and is transported south daily for our enjoyment. And the range of restaurants? Again, both stellar famous named-locales as well as charming local haunts that will quickly become favorites (even beyond In-N-Out Burger!).

Culture –The creative culture of Southern California is unmatched–even by Manhattan! Southern California exudes vitality in theater (direct from Broadway, and also local productions of exceptional caliber), with its films premieres, in its internationally recognized museums, and in its range of musical events–from world-class symphonies to the latest bands at the Hollywood Bowl and the Greek Theater. And one would be remiss to fail to note that Disneyland is easily accessible from all Southern California communities–and a cultural treasure!

State Parks & Beaches– From the Joshua Tree National Park to Torrey Pines State Reserve, to the innumerable hill canyons, Southern California provides vast and still unspoiled nature to enjoy–and of course, the Grand Tetons are a day’s drive away via the glorious, ocean-adjacent Pacific Coast Highway.

I could not imagine living anywhere else, and would welcome you to Southern California!

The Islands — The Channel Islands are California’s secret delight. Catalina Island is a mere forty-five minute ferry ride (from a variety of locations), and there one finds a tropical paradise unrivaled even by islands in the South Pacific–crystal clear waters, nooks and crannies to explore, white beaches, fabulous seafood, and camping grounds dot the island, and create lasting memories of visits.

Fitness–Hand-in-hand with the year-round beautiful weather comes a wealth of fitness options, and general a pro-health orientation. One cannot venture outdoors without seeing bicyclists, roller-bladers, walkers/joggers/runners–and the beaches are enjoyed by surfers, paragliders, and swimmers. Given Southern California’s progressive fitness mindset, one can also find the best in indoor fitness, ranging from Pilates to yoga to terrific multi-faceted gym complexes with vibes of social clubs, featuring juice bars, massage services, and more!

DiversityPeople of all races, sexualities, ethnicities, political orientations, and more make up the rich populations found in Southern California. Unlike any other locale, there is a both a great peaceful coexistence and happy intermingling among those of different backgrounds and identities, as well as wonderful niche neighborhoods and community groups for all!

Schools — The schools in Southern California are exceptional. Public and private K-12 education is on the leading edge of exposing technology to youngsters, enabling them to naturally grow with the future’s “language.” At the collegiate and post-collegiate level, the University of California school system–across the board–excels in all academic realms. Southern California also boasts some of nation’s finest private schools, from kindergarten to post-doctoral studies, including the famed Marlborough School for Girls, the University of Southern California, and the prized consortium of the Claremont Colleges.

Shopping — Southern California’s shopping hot spots cannot be beaten anywhere in the world. You can indulge in the outdoor mall, Horton Plaza, in downtown San Diego, stroll luxurious Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, experience the ultimate in family entertainment and shopping at Irvine Spectrum in Orange County, and shop near the ocean at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island. You can also enjoy a charming assortment of vintage shops from days-gone-by.

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