(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study64)

Panasonic also announced to invest automatic driving technologies. Japanese company following these momentum beyond the specific business development. Existing electric player, Sony, Panasonic potentially applying internal team to referable new opportunity. Not only for automobile companies, this controversy includes out of consecutive knowledge, accordingly getting into.

Since the Toyota was born in Aichi prefecture, embrace the mission for appreciation, leading industry, positive economical condition push their back to invest of volunteer activity. Nowadays, social responsibility is core value to sustain the business, but at this time, the latter of 1980 is almost coming the trend among Japanese business.

The forest of Toyota

To contribute the social issue, took on earth problem, make it use effectively to improve their nature surroundings. That’s said, Toyota forest project, activate to foster the new seed for future woods. Not only to volunteering action, but educate the participants to learn of playing in the green environment. It shows their presence, not as company but citizens.

Art, Culture, Safety Driving

Cooperate with retailor, supporting community to perform the orchestra, and concert. Further assist of safety drive penetration activity. Through the lecture, or donation to all Japanese kindergartens with picture books for all kids. Since the 2005, facilitate the space for teaching thousands of drivers.

Global Vision

In 2007, 70 anniversaries came out with “Toyota Global Vision 2020” includes mission for eco-circulative harmony with technologies, with entrepreneurship mind, pursue the Toyota way, moreover to aim the best company as global citizens. Renewal of their brand values, emphasize with eco responsibility.

Hybrid Technologies

Toyota supplied the hybrid car ”Prius” to the market, before 21 centuries, that cultivated the frontier to adapt eco-oriented technologies. Hybrid system is core value for next generation, coincidently stated to provide for all countries with no time limit. That’s consist of indeed localized strategy.

Electric, Fuel-cell Vehicle

Future lack of petroleum resource is serious problem, as well as on the table with eco issues. At 1990, in California, enacted to supply the minimum 2% with no emission. At the first, challenge to apply with the lead, but it’s not afford to fully runs with charging, so that practically working on nickel hydrogen motors in Japan.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study64)


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