By Gordon Chaffin | Edition 14 | 9/16/16

This is me after I publish this post.

I’ve been folding laundry, washing dishes, and waiting for my Windows PC to update all day, so no media industry analysis this week. I was tempted to use a spiral staircase as an extended metaphor for Trump’s conspiracy theories, but I’m honestly too tired to go down that rabbit hole.

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Hot Take: the weather in Phoenix, Arizona isn’t actually that nice. If it’s only nice November through April, and intolerably hot the rest of the year, then that’s not at all different from my hometown in Michigan, were it’s also nice 6 months out of the year: May through October. If I have to workout inside about the same time through the year, it’s a wash.


“Journalistic and economic values are, unfortunately, not correlated. For Now.” by Frederic Filloux (Monday Note)

“Snapchat is pushing its publisher content almost out of sight: You’ll see all your friends’ Stories first now.” by (Recode)

“A Surprising Reason Our Debates Have Turned Ugly: Hint: It’s the Technology” by John Spencer (Medium)

“Primary election coverage: What types of news engage audiences” by Joshua Scacco, Lauren Hearit, Lauren Potts, Jeff Sonderman, and Natalie Jomini Stroud (American Press Institute)

“How To Treat A Lady On The Internet: Here’s a primer on how to behave with regard to the human people otherwise known as “women.”” by Sara Benincasa (Medium)

“Why Did NBC News Sit on the Trump Tape for So Long?” by Jack Shafer (POLITICO Magazine)

“Here’s the Most Likely Buyer of Twitter and What It Will Do” by Matthew Ingram (FORTUNE)

“How CNN is ‘future-proofing’ itself” by David Uberti (Columbia Journalism Review)

“Twitter is bulking up its live offerings, adding an election night live show from BuzzFeed to the mix” by Nieman Lab via WSJ

“How Vice and HBO are remaking the evening news for millennials: “It’s 2016. The onus is on us to figure it out,” says Vice News boss Josh Tyrangiel.” by Eric Johnson (Recode)

“BBC Struggles to Get With the Program: The 94-year-old broadcaster is dealing with the impending loss of government subsidies, an abuse scandal and the defection of its biggest hits” by Stu Woo (WSJ)

“Why Journalism Education Has Much More Progress to Make” by Clare Milliken (Mediashift)

“Confirmation Bias and Social Media Segregation: The Unveiling of Bigotry in Your Social Network: How election season conversations with people you “thought you knew” reveal long hidden truths about racism (and the fight against it) in American politics.” by Propane Jane (Storify via Twitter)

“The secrets of David Fahrenthold’s reporting on the Trump Foundation” by Brian Stelter (CNN Money)

“Why Slack Poses as Much of a Threat to Facebook as Snapchat: As more people create Slack groups outside work, social activity is shifting off of Facebook.

“An economist makes the case for saving investigative journalism” by Rick Edmonds (Poynter Institute)

“The media’s Weimar moment: The rise of entertainment culture births the ultimate showman” by Lee Siegel (Columbia Journalism Review)

“The Facebook Video View Controversy” by Steve Rosenbaum (Huffington Post)

“War Goes Viral: How social media is being weaponized across the world” by Emerson Brooking & P.W. Singer (The Atlantic)

I’m Gordon Chaffin and, for the better part of a decade, I’ve spent my time working in the media industry. I’ve done PR, speechwriting, strategic communications, social media, multimedia production, and honest-to-goodness journalism. I’m 27, but everyone between 17 and 77 is fumbling around in this darkness of exponential change. The technology, the #teens, the torture of setting sights on reasonable goals then having the uprights shifted, if not angled, and the turf set on fire. We’re all trying to get into the right mindset — our media industry mindset.


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