Not to be a sadist but i use to strive for perfection in my life, especially in my work. And it drove me absolutely nuts, which is why i now embrace my mistakes. Partly because being perfect is A) over rated, i mean sure it looks great on the outside that whole, “i have my shit together,” look, but inside its a basket on stress with a side of panic at all times. And B) you never learn anything from being perfect.

In my not so distant past i use to really beat myself up about making mistakes. I thought a mistake meant complete failure, and instead of learning from the mistake and moving forward, i would wallow in it. And then i started a business.

And man, if you want to get over the wallowing feeling of making mistakes, start a business! Not only will you make a million mistakes, both large and small, you will learn how to take rejection, and how to talk yourself out of extreme self doubt!

They say 75% of people would think of a great idea will never bring it to fruition and i know why. The simple act of convincing yourself that it really is a good idea, its worth the money, and you wont fail is beyond hard. If you do actually decide to take that leap know this: you will need to get over not wanting to make mistakes. Because mistakes, help you learn.

And learning helps you grown, so on and so forth. I know a lot more and have more confidence making those mistakes then i have when i simply completed something with, “the air of perfection.” And i have gained more confidence on how to tackle something new.

I hate and really don’t understand the in’s and out’s of taxes but boy am i going to learn and thing or two come April! And as much as it will suck and i will say, “boy i wish i didn’t do that,” next year i will know more and will have learned more from making these mistakes.

Yet again, im just blundering through this thing called starting a business, but on the plus side i do know some code.

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