Mobile devices are here to stay, and it is not a secret at all. In fact, it’s now time for businesses to start thinking more about tapping the fast growing market amongst mobile users.

Surely, it is in the public domain that a responsive design can make browsing on cell phones simple. However, you may ask yourself what makes this a critical requirement? Why now? Why is mobile-optimization a necessity for the growth of your business or brand?

To help you answer the above questions, we will dive deep into ten reasons why your website can not afford to stay unresponsive.

1. Almost everyone is on mobile.

The period in which smart phone users were considered unique, as well as an exceptional group, is long gone and we are now living a world of large scale smart phone user base that is increasing every day. Mobile manufacturers now work around the clock in developing the high on demand mobile devices.

Reliable sources reveal that 1.2 billion people use the mobile devices to access the web. Besides, an impressive 80% of individuals accessing the internet use a smart phone. In fact, the current statistics is just half the story, and these figures have the propensity of tilting towards mobile phones in the future. Indeed, you have to think mobile since everyone is now on mobile.

2. More than half of web traffic is on mobile.

You rarely find a web owner who has no interest in increasing his or her traffic. On May 2014, research conducted by a reputable research firm indicated that mobile user base was 21 % greater than desktop user base. Further findings revealed that over half of web traffic gets generated through mobile.

3. Smart phone users buy more.

Mobile users mainly spend much more as compared to their desktop counterparts across an array of devices. Mobile users are in the record for carrying out the least amount of dollar per transaction. It is because they are used to making small, recurrent purchases. Without a doubt, mobile users are the perfect audience for you to sell anything at a price that is below $10.

4. Cell phone users have a different set of behavior.

Even though they are the same individuals behind both desktop and mobile traffic, a closer study of their habits reveals different characteristic on various devices.

In spite of bandwidth limitations, smart phone users have a propensity to devour an impressive high quantity of visual media by focusing more on images and the short video. For instance, social media sites such as Instagram attained considerable success by providing a platform to share pictures.

Tapping on the traffic require designs that are optimized, channeling the power of the media to engage a broad range of users around the globe.

5. Mobile landing pages call for different strategies.

Whenever you are interested in the generation of online revenue, your landing page has to get your job done by acting as the conversion workhouse. It is evident that certain principles remain constant, such as what may work for desktop landing pages is not similar to what works for landing pages for mobile devices. Also, mobile screens do not handle same presentation style as the one on the desktop displays.

For your business to take advantage of small, regular purchasing feature of mobile users, creating responsive pages and having mobile users in mind will stimulate an incredible growth of your online business as well as customer engagement.

6. Mobile users change over screens.

Approximately 90% of users switch between various devices to accomplish a given goal or task. In other words, if desktop handles massive conversions, at some point in the sales process users will take on your site through mobile. A case example is when a user browses on his or her phone while bored, looks for interesting things, and then proceed to a desktop to finish the purchase at the moment the person finds something which catches his or her mind.

For you not to miss out on sales, your site must handle all types of screen.

7. Most social media referrals use mobile.

At least 91% mobile internet access gets covered with social activities. In reality, as social media keeps on growing and evolving, it’s getting its primary audience on mobile devices. Given that your venture entails social media marketing, there is a high possibility inward bound traffic on your site will be through mobile devices.

Unfortunately, an unresponsive site can discourage your marketing efforts as well as waste your paid advertisements. However, taking total advantage of social media users should entail designing a site that catches social browsing click-throughs.

8. Google tends to support mobile responsiveness.

Through its SERP rankings, Google has favored mobile responsiveness. The stakes have increased, and mobile friendliness is becoming more significant than before. Google is pleased with the rate at which the trend acquires organic traffic.

Free advice to you if you are serious about improving your organic traffic is that you must optimize your site for mobile.

9. Impressive mobile sites make your brand stand out.

In spite of the fact that competition may pose an enormous risk, the platform offers an incredible prospect to differentiate one’s business or brand from the competing factions.

Practically, almost half of your competition may have sites that are not optimized. Moreover, a significant number of those that have responsive designs are likely doing a pretty poor job.

To immediately edge over your competition, optimize your website for mobile devices.

10. Advertising using mobile devices is still underutilized.

The mobile does not only provide an impressive prospect for brand differentiation but also provide an unprecedented opportunity in advertising proceeds.

Now is the suitable time to invest in mobile advertisement since the channel will not remain underutilized for long. Mobile ad spending is estimated to hit $42 billion in the next three years thus doing away with the opportunity gap as well as increasing cost as the demand increases as well.


Implementation of a responsive website on mobile devices is the start of the optimization process that will bring about an array of benefits to your business and brand. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic opportunity that any serious site owner should not afford to miss out. Indeed, responsive design is the future for mobile devices.



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