Out of all the search engines available today, my favorite go-to is Google. Google is the only search engine I’ve ever felt comfortable using throughout the years. In comparison to other search engines, it is one of the best search engines that yield great links in the beginning of the search results instead of scrolling through many pages of results. I feel that it is also one of the easiest search engines to navigate through as well; with it’s layout, its user friendly for everyone to use!

I enjoy using Google because it’s also a great search engine to be able to search some of the best pictures, as well as top videos trending, and a great tool to use when trying to compare prices when online shopping. My email is gmail and I love that I can be able to just click to my email from the search engine site. If you are able to link your mobile phone to google, it also allows you to pull up past searches in your history from your laptop or desktop; this is very convenient when trying to search through your google history for that specific website you had in mind to do some online shopping or for that research paper you were working on. Google has so great features to it, which is why I love it!



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