I was recently looking for an inspiring picture for #TBT. In going through my iPhoto I noticed that I had some shots from back in 2005. It was my old computer set up and office that I was so proud of. I remember that it was $250 p/month and it was the size of a regular small bedroom really. I shared a suite with 4 others but I had my own private office up the stairs. It felt like a big move.

When I started my business, I had worked from 4th and Ivy in a 2 bedroom apartment where I lived with my brother. After, I managed to move into my own 2 bedroom apartment and I commandeered one entire room to by my own.

Getting my own office was a big step for me. I remember meeting people at Starbucks and at local places around town because I certainly wouldn’t be taken serious if I brought them to my apartment. After a year or two of faking it, I was able to afford that $250 p/month. I can tell you at the time I was scared shit-less though. I hadn’t had any real overhead at the time and that amount felt very big to me!

As the 2 years or so rolled on that I was there, I hired my first employee Brent, who’s still with me today and a Jr. Developer who was still in college. We filled that little office as tightly as we could but we made it work.

I laugh now because I remember when I would have meetings with clients, I would have to send them out of the office because it was too cramped with all three of us in there.

We grinded in that office until we could grind no longer. Eventually we upgraded to 2nd and Broadway, but I definitely laid the foundation in my little office on St. George lane.


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