I snapchat everything & anything that interests me. Whether it’s a family trip somewhere or just a visit to grandmas, if I’ve got myself done up for some reason or just mucking around with my siblings, I love to snapchat everything during the moment.

I’ve got my little sister obsessed with the app, particularly for the filters. Snapchat allows me to communicate with my friends and family daily, as well as relatives & cousins overseas. Using snapchat you can meet all types of people & make friends & personally I love to make new friends.

To me family is important, we have our ups and downs but we’ll never grow apart. We’ll stick by each other and forever have each others’ backs. Our family is a large one with 4 girls & 3 boys, so we never get bored.

I have chosen one friend who is like family to me. My best friend has been there with everything that has happened in my life. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my family and my friend.

Aminah Cicak

Age 15

Born in Bosnia.


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