In the last few weeks I’ve made many Facebook friends with a lot of professional cartoonists actually making a go of this cartooning thing. I’ve spoken to one personally and discussed a lot of options and potential markets for me to shoot for.

I’ve gathered a ton of great advise and constructive criticism of my work. A lot of encouragement and now I am trying to come up with an all encompassing name for what my cartoons are about. A title that will somehow convey the general idea of what my comics are all about.

It’s not easy to arrive at a name. It’s like naming a child. And it’s terribly exhausting.

I recently launched a Facebook page for my cartoons and I’m working on finishing a website so I can have a place, my own corner of the big ol’ internet to host my work.

This is finally become real. I’m inching towards doing this with a purpose of marketing and selling my work to print publications and finding/creating markets of my own.

This is a full time job, that I’m not getting paid for yet. And I love the work.

I also have some freelance work I am also working on that will generate some minor income and make me a working cartoonist. Finished pieces I can add to a portfolio and find more work with.

Life is good.


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