A new job opportunity, especially for a company you really respect and want to work for can put stars in your eyes so that you forget to ask important questions before accepting! How do I know this? Well, I accepted a job, and am completely excited, but as I get closer to start, I realized all the things I did not ask!

What made me ‘forget’ about those things, and if the answers are not what I want, what will I do about it? Those are good questions. Someone saw my LinkedIn profile and sent me an invite to apply for this job. I have been self-employed for six or so months, and doing pretty well. I was extremely interested because of the company and their great reputation, and I thought the job sounded like something I would actually enjoy doing long term. There is a lot of variety to it, and I tend to get bored if I do the exact same thing day after day.

So, the job and company put stars in my eyes, especially as I got further and further into the interviewing process and realized they bought another company a couple of years ago and it looks like their innovation is really taking back off. So, what kinds of questions did I fail to ask? What are the hours of the job? Is this a M-F job, or are there Saturday’s involved? What are the actual benefits? What is the dress code? What is the company’s view on Work/Live balance? Questions like those. Hmm. So, I waited until after Thanksgiving, then shot my HR contact a list of questions. She has been beyond gracious and helpful, and when I get to San Diego, I would love to take her to lunch or something for putting up with my questions, working them and providing me both answers and friendliness.

I found out today that I am not the only one who didn’t ask any questions, as she is providing answers to more than one of us! Most of them at this point have been clarified, but I realized nothing was said anywhere about whether this is a M-F position. So, what would I do if I find out its not just M-F? Hmm. Well I would smack myself upside the head for not asking it up front, then, because I don’t have any young kids at home, I would probably suck it up and work with it. I am hopeful about it being M-F. But if it doesn’t work that way, well I guess I will role with it.

So, I have said all this because lots of people are looking for jobs. When we get offered one, its really hard to turn it down. We do have bills to pay after all. We all have those lines in the sand we are not willing to cross to have a job. Knowing what those are is really important. I am having to figure out my lines a little late, but it is coming up now, so I can figure out what is really best for me and for my family. After all, I have a hubby I like pretty well, and I would hate to spend all my time working and never getting to hang out with him. Its time to fully engage my brain and make sure I can live with any type of answer to my questions.



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