Left to Right: Tanner Todd, Ian Heidler

Tanner Ethan Todd featuring Ian Tobias Heidler

A large portion of the time I’ve spent in my life has been spent alone, whether it’s sleeping, sitting alone in the back of a class, or simply at home studying. I am by no means anti-social, and have become much more of a social person since high school and all the social vices that come along with that, however, that has never changed that, for the most part, I feel most comfortable alone.

A smaller portion, but a very significant portion, of my life has been spent with one person who I think at this point it’s safe to say is my best friend, you can see him standing next to me in that photo from another life in the upper left corner of whatever screen your looking at. He’s the one who realized at a very early age that spiked hair and glasses don’t go together very well and adjusted his style accordingly; me, I took longer to make this realization. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer. I can without a shadow of a doubt in my mind say that the best times of my life are in sync with this portion. Sure, there are highlights that shine in other veins of my memory, but a betting man wouldn’t advise on wagering on one of those to be picked by random chance.

Having a best friend is a luxury. I would think Saudi Princes would trade their fleets of jets for something like it. For years I’ve been able to have someone who by some chance ended up in the same backwater of Georgia, and just happened to have the same stupid interests in pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and sports and trying to make everyone laugh no matter the cost, or maybe that isn’t such a big coincidence. We’ve certainly made the best of it though. Whether it’s been practicing the ancient techniques of being a Wing Man, getting our hearts broken afterwards, and then partying just a little bit too much to try to figure out how time passed so quickly; we did everything together that we could, and most importantly, we grew up together.

Not everyone in life gets a best friend, and that took me years to find out. It was a more startling revelation than when I found out a fat man in a red suit couldn’t fit down a chimney. The reason I didn’t know this is because I’ve always had one, from elementary to college, we’ve always been there for each other, even when we couldn’t be. Life and fate’s powers destined for us to attend different schools in different states several times, including now. I’m at UGA. Ian is at Appalachian State. But, for some reason, we never question that our paths will cross again. The same way that younger versions of ourselves once joked that his parents would end up moving right back to our hometown after leaving the state (which they ended up doing), we now make faux plans in jest of us living together after the college to conquer the world and whatever challenges it throws after us; and why wouldn’t these come true? We’re young invincible college students that can do whatever we want, didn’t you know?

I know this Introductory Biography is supposed to be an introduction to my theme, and the truth is I could’ve talked about how him being one of the few of my friends that ended up a liberal like I did gave us common ground, or I could’ve talked about how when I debated why voting for Trump is unforgivably crazy he was the only one that ever seemed to have my back. But talking about politics just seemed shallow when I looked back on all we’ve been through together, and telling you a little about my best friend is more informative about me than an anecdote about a political argument could ever be.

Either way, my theme is The Challenge of Trump. I’d tell you more about it, but I think everything in my portfolio has already done a good job of that. I’ll spare you the trouble of having to look at a picture of our president elect, as I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty of him over the next four years. Instead, here’s a picture of my best friend and me. I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy the rest of my portfolio, and I hope you have a best friend.



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