Google Search Console will gain new functions on mobile AMP fixing and site indexing

Google hints at reinforcing its efforts to provide Webmasters with more historical and error-fixing data in the Google Search Console by going beta with two new features.

The Google Search Console first appeared in November of 2005 and began initially with only four reports. Today’s SEO professionals find new features and dozens of insightful user engagement and error reports along with tools that help marketers improve a site’s performance. New features already released in 2017 include AMP reports, structured data usage and needed fixes, and live testing tools. On August 2nd, Google provided a “sneak peek” at the two new beta features soon to arrive in the Search Console.

In response to many requests, the two new beta reports are an Index Coverage report and an AMP fixing flow report. Google announced that “small set of users” in the “next few weeks,” will find these new reports available.

Where New Report Data Source Comes From

“I guess a bit of both. I mean I don’t want to pre-announce anything but I know they’ve been looking into like slightly different data, the amount of data something that has been commonly requested so”, stated John Mueller in the August 2nd English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout.

Methods formerly relied on for creating new content can adapt to how machine learning is tipping the tables on SEO. Digital marketers who love learning and analyzing big data can better leverage their skills through these new reports. Combined with an understanding of current technology and by embracing the concept of Artificial Intelligence, SEO experts can spare a business from big drops in search engine visibility, conversions, and relevant traffic that others are numbed by.

Today’s SEO professionals need the aptitude and dedicated time to assess algorithm updates, user trends, and what is behind changes in the SERPs, to name a few. Thinking that one can establish search engine optimization techniques and then go on autopilot is sure to mean slipping further down in rankings, less likely to be found when Internet users favor voice searches, images searches, or fast-loading mobile pages. With Google offering the ability to use live testing for SEO fixes, and improved wait time for re-crawling, as well as “code snippets and a search preview”, it is easier to respond to user preferences.

How Google’s Index Coverage Report will Function

Google’s new Index Coverage Report reveals the number of indexed pages on a website, in addition to information on why certain pages fail to be indexed, with examples and insights for resolving these indexing problems. It will also incorporate a method to submit XML Sitemaps, and set up filter options in order to view only data related to a particular Sitemap in the tool.

How the Role of SEOs Adapts to New Search Console Data

Digital marketing teams that partner closely can better ensure that new content produces relevant and useful information in the moment across all devices and platforms.

A successful approach to reaching new customers means focusing less on a search engine optimizer and more on hiring a content experience analyst. Google rewards pages that offer high-quality content experiences. Begin the content development process with knowledge of your site visitors and their customer journey. SEO and SEM services should optimize marketing content across the fragmented user journey. Whether for a dental clinic, an eCommerce shopping cart, or non-profit site, the new features hold high value.

The new report groupings in our Search Console are intended to help identify issues by getting to “root-causes” quicker for insights to update code. SEOs can know more as to how Google regards the status of problems, if it recognizes new SEO fixes, and have the ability to track the progress of re-processing affected pages.

Learn more how to use these new functions and tools found in the Google Search Console. Hill Web Marketing is a Minneapolis digital marketing group offering advanced SEO and SEM services.



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