I was asked today “what are characteristics of good logo?”

The things you think matter, actually don’t… is the answer.

So, if YOU or if I personally think it “looks good”, that’s probably just personal taste.
What really matters is the abundance of the logo. Big time. Nothing else comes close.

So, your logo is fine…….

…….right now, your real problem is nobody knows about it.

To prove my point, actually have a look at the logos for companies such as: SAP, Starbucks and Snapchat (I don’t know why I’ve picked ones that all start with an S!). There’s nothing spectacular about them at all. If you came to me with a new logo for a business and it was the Snapchat ghost, I’d possibly think “what a load of crap”. But it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares.

The Snapchat ghost logo. Over 150 million use the app; the fact that the logo is a bit naff doesn’t matter in the slightest!

Further to this, with time people even get used to weird names of companies: “Google”, “Snapchat”, “Twitter” all feel like totally normal names now, but imagine if they were completely new companies; they’d raise a lot of eyebrows with people saying “what the hell does that even mean?”

But again, it doesn’t matter — because hundreds of millions, if not billions, make use of them. So who cares!

What’s the lesson here? Focus on creating abundance. That’s light years more important than how your logo looks, with almost zero exceptions.

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Richard Moore is the Founder of EightStepStartup. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.



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