Early snow surprise and first mention in posters 🙂

At the beginning of November, we go an unusual snow-fall amount, when all the city was paralyzed. As expected, the residents had a small chance to get anywhere out of job/home and the usage of our service dropped dramatically.

On the mid-November, we held one giveaway with partner tickets to Maker’s Fair. The contest did not have time to become popular due to it’s short duration – day before the event.

However, this became the first time we appeared as a media partner on a poster

Maker’s Fair poster

and a closer look

Море Подій are us, together with national medias at left and right and the local one underneath.

In the current Kalenderen Iteration, we are trying to implement the integration with the local third-party ticketing system 2event.com. This may improve the experience of our users and the value of the system for organizers.

We also started a series of posts on Medium to educate organizers and help them to make better events and promote them in a good way.

Our Facebook page got 2.8K subscribers and we moved from the 6th to 5th place in the leaderboard of local event medias, performing relatively good growth and engagement rate

November Financial report

  • FB post promotion – $16
  • Google AdWords – $20

$36 total. The remaining $404 will be moved to the December balance.

What we have learned so far

  • If you have a call to action in your post, put it in the post image
  • Before promoting the post, wait for few engagements (likes, comments, shares)
  • Following a media (content) plan is very important. It gives an overview of what to prepare next and helps to optimize publishing routine

Summary and Next Goals

All in all, the goal to achieve the average daily usage between 200 and 300 users was not accomplished and will be shifted to the next month.

Since we have accumulated some balance on our account, we will work on extending our promotion channels or putting more resources into existing ones. By now they are Facebook Promotions, giveaways and Google AdWords. The solution and it’s impact will be described in the next report.



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