I was going to call this blog ‘Our top 5 Instagram accounts’ but that would mean we weren’t fickle and don’t change our minds every second.

So I decided to be optimistic, and a little more faithful toward our team’s fickle nature, and called it ‘October’s Top 5 Instagram Accounts’. Bet you can’t wait until November’s…

  1. Casper

Yes, the mattress company. Here’s a simple screen grab of the basic content Casper delivers on their Instagram account a week. Clearly, the social marketeers at Casper know what their followers want to see:

  1. A PR strategy encouraging users to message in for a customised sick letter to their followers’ bosses. Not only does this drive huge traffic, it’s also visually great.
  2. Videos — who doesn’t love video content? Especially when they’re off cute slippers! This will also attract a fashion crowd.
  3. Text templates — simple, branded and large copy. Perfect.
  4. Food — it speaks for itself.

When you break Casper down, you realise exactly why ‘just a mattress company’ can sustain an audience of nearly 50,000 followers.

2. Away

Away has just opened its first international doors in the little London hub of Shoreditch. Each month, the interior of the shop draws inspiration from different worldwide travel locations. The Instagram is just as beautiful as the interior, with incorporating an average user’s favourite things:

  1. Interiors — especially the ones shown here
  2. Babies
  3. Babies and symmetry
  4. Clean, refined product shots
  5. Beautiful people in beautiful places

3. Girl Online

In a marketplace as saturated as fashion magazines, Girl Online are killin’ the Instagram game with their slick editorials and original content.

Obviously magazines have the upper hand when it comes to this type of high fashion editorial imagery, but what Girl Online nail is creating content purposefully for that medium. Their Instagram is different to their magazine, and their magazine is different from the website and so forth.

In fact, you’d be crazy not to take inspiration from the retro shoots on their homepage. Like I said before — beautiful people in beautiful places sells.

4. Not Studio

I often wonder if I was given a pound for every time someone mentioned Not Studio in the office, how much money would I have by now?

Here’s a classic conversation —

Me: “So do you have any Instagram accounts that inspire you?”

Them: “Yes do you know Not Studio?”

Me: “So what exactly do you want your aesthetic to look like?”

Them: “You know Not Studio, right?”

But who can blame them. It’s pure genius. Repurposing content with different graphic design elements and making it fresh, almost political. Whilst manipulating the Instagram square — Pure genius. ‘Nuff said.

5. Wool and the Gang

I don’t know what these peeps do best — Instagram posts or making wool cool again?!

Quite obviously, with a whopping 112,000 following, Wool and the Gang know exactly how best to speak to their followers. Their new strategy is now taking the classic colour theme approach, focusing on pink hues in order to draw in any eye of beauty. Smart. How else though?

  1. Animals — again.
  2. Soft, warm colour theme
  3. Clean and simple product shots with great branding
  4. Pictures of the product in action shot beautifully with perfect editing
  5. Repurposes older content in clever, seamless ways

By keeping on top of the brands changing the Instagram game, we can ensure that we’re always providing the freshest of content to our clients. We think it’s time you check some of them out…





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