There’s this lull whisper out there in the digital universe around content marketing. I mean, everywhere you turn there’s someone talking about it’s importance in weaving it into your marketing strategy. Yes it is a must these days, especially since information is a sought after commodity worldwide. In almost anything we do from purchasing to dieting there is a good amount of time spent on researching.

We want to know what others say about a business or product. We have this insatiable need to hear about the experience of total strangers. Somehow it’s actually applauded if we contribute to the greater good of social sharing, where it has become a norm.

So how do you create great content? Anyone can type a few words onto a blog and post it to the worldwide web. Great content is nominated as great because it provides not just information but also something that we can learn about. When creating content keep in mind your audience who’s reading it. What benefits can you share with them?

Remember you are the expert on your topic. The content you are providing may be something others have already shared but there is always multiple ways of looking at it. As the saying goes, there is more than one solution to every problem.

For example if you are writing about how businesses could gain more customers, you could write from the perspective of sales. Or social media, podcasts, paid advertising, SEO, SEM, etc. Don’t ever get stuck in just one way of information sharing. Remember what you share must bring value to your readers. There is always someone out there who is reading your content for the first time so make it great.

Your content should be interesting, engaging, unique and fun to read. This will ensure your readers come back for more. The final piece of advice, after you write great content share it with the whole world. You are doing a disservice to everyone and yourself by not sharing amazing information. The best way to do that is simply through social media, your neighborhood friendly platform of awesome content. Post it up and go!

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