One year ago @withwendy had 70 k subscribers today she has 372k. Wendy started creating clothes out of desire to make what she saw but better. Every Wedneday Wendy provides a sewing tutorial and teaches future fashionista’s how to DIY clothing.

Wendy didn’t have a background in fashion on the contraty she worked in corporate America and decided to create a Youtube channel out of sheer desire.

When you first encounter Wendy’s creations you automatically have a sense of envy (just joking). She does an incredible job of making modern clothing from scratch that you wish you could buy at your favorite clothing boutique.

When we recorded the podcast Wendy had 70,000 subscribers on YouTube today she has well over 350,000.

We discussed:

  • How she went from business and engineering to self recording her Youtube videos
  • Not being awkward on camera
  • Becoming comfortable with who she is as a person
  • Speaking honestly to people she doesn’t know
  • What fuels her to continue sowing?
  • The importance of being interested in what you are youtubing about
  • How encouragement helps you keep going
  • How her style is a mixture between J. Crew and Adidas
  • What she would do differently if she had to restart her brand
  • Deciding what DIY projects to work on
  • The amount of time you have to put into YouTube
  • The equipment she uses
  • Talking to your friends about your resource needs
  • Relationships being your biggest currency

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