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If you are running your own Facebook ads you will soon find the magic is in optimization of your campaigns.

That’s right.

You cannot just post an ad and hope it is going to work.

Most of the time the ad is going to flop. That’s right… it will not work. But you have to know this upfront. Because what you are doing is testing the assumptions that you made.

That’s right before you published the ad you loaded it with assumptions. Here are some of the assumptions you have with your ad.

  1. Text
  2. Headline
  3. Description
  4. Image or Video or Carousal
  5. Type of image
  6. Caption
  7. Call to Action
  8. Audience Targeting
  9. Audience Location
  10. Audience Age Groups
  11. Ad placements.

Here are the elements that go into a Facebook ad itself, regardless of the demographic elements.

The elements within your Facebook ads

When creating your ads you need to think of it as a game. You are testing your assumptions to see what is and is not correct.

When you approach your ads with Game thinking it will help you optimize your ads. Plus it will help you know that it is a game you can win and may not win first time. It takes time to level up and become a master.

What is exciting about Facebook ads is that you can test assumptions quickly and inexpensively. That’s what is awesome with the platform. However it can send you crazy as there is a lot to test to crack a converting ad campaign.

Here is one of the elements that we tested that resulted in a 500% increase in Click Through Rates (CTR)

You might be thinking that’s crazy but let be break down the numbers so you fully understand.

Before applying the Hack
After applying the Facebook ads hack

What is exciting about these campaigns is that more clicks were generated for a less expensive ad spend. This is because all of our campaigns drive to quiz based landing pages, rather than normal landing pages.

But how did we do it?

It’s was simple we created a Video ad inside Powerpoint/Keynote.

That’s right the Video ads get significant more clicks than the image based ads on Facebook. However this does not mean you need to be on camera.

Of Video hack here was created inside powerpoint/keynote and we exported a 30 second slide show as a video. This is a cool little trick to create videos quickly to test the market.

The secret here is when you create your video’s make sure you use text that calls the attention of the people you are targeting. This will increase them paying attention and sell them on why they should click to find out more.

This 30 second powerpoint video is responsible for increasing our CTR 500%.

Give it a try with your Facebook ad campaigns.

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