We’ve been running social media campaigns for the better part of a decade, and while the balance of power between social platforms seems to be in a state of constant change, we’ve been fans of Pinterest since we first stumbled onto it. Full of inspiring words of wisdom, beautiful craft ideas, and enviable life hacks, we instantly knew there was no better way to reach people interested in digital collections of aspiration, creativity and style.

Since its picture perfect entrance onto the social scene, Pinterest has earned its place as a leading social platform, connecting meaningful brand content with fans. From innovative cinematic creative to borrowing from SEO tactics, our campaigns and strategy has evolved with the platform’s expansion.

Today, McBeard was named as one of Pinterest’s inaugural “Pin Collective” creative members, we wanted to share our most meaningful pins, campaigns, and learnings from the last few years. We’re honored to be selected as a team of people with extensive and exceptional talents in creating a Pinterest experiences that serve client business objectives and fans’ insatiable desires for collecting beautiful and uplifting artistry.

People Love To One Stop Shop


With Mary Kay, we’ve been able to help make Pinterest a more beautiful place. This pin, featuring their lip gloss, is the brand’s most re-pinned (5.7k repins!) piece of original creative. Its success can be attributed to the ability to showcase all the colors available as a one-stop color guide for Mary Kay’s Independent Beauty Consultants to reference and for consumers to review.

If It’s In, You Should Pin


It was impossible to click on any beauty article or tutorial in 2015 without tips and tricks on “contouring.” But, as trends are wont to do, it was all too quickly replaced by “strobing.” In response, we wasted little time in hopping on this hot search term for Mary Kay by creating an easy-to-understand, optimized-for-search tutorial graphic. All design and illustrations were made in-house, and was then boosted it with a modest budget to allow it to surface the search results, ultimately driving traffic to MaryKay.com.

Well Done, Meat!


Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to make Char-Broil the grillmaster supreme on Pinterest. Using original photography, illustration, design and infographics, we provide inspiration for the BBQ-minded pinner looking to up their grill game. This pin had an outstanding 9.72% engagement rate, compared to the 1.5% average engagement rate for pins (backed by a media spend). Through these numbers, we learned that pinners respond to meat, infographic formats, and of course, the brand’s signature humor.

Paid Is Long Term Game


Pulte Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in the country, wants to help its customers with activities that truly make a house into a home: design, decor, and maintenance. For their Pinterest strategy, we researched key search terms to use original creative content to reach women planning and pinning for their future dream home. This pin was created because we learned that people didn’t want a stand alone image for inspiration, they wanted a few images that they could choose from — hence a graphic that has a few ideas/takes.

Additionally, we learned that seasonal pins work well as people are searching for things to update their home with on a seasonal basis. The pin received 4.9% engagement rate which an earned engagement rate of 5.01%, which means that after the media spend ended, it continues to see impressions and fan engagement because the spend allowed for it to be found and repinned enough times to be surfaced to the top of the search results. In that sense, allocating media dollars to a pin sees return on investment even after the spend is done.

Tap Into Loyalist Love


We loved working with Diet Coke to bring their biggest fans some fresh flair for their vision boards (check out their Very Important Pinner board). We saw incredible success in particular with It’s Mine campaign, which brought over one million unique bottle designs to market. On Pinterest drove awareness of the program and provided examples of how audiences could incorporate Diet Coke into their everyday lifestyle and when planning for their future. This pin became the top performing cinematic pin of all-time on Pinterest and showcased outstanding performance in terms of dwell time and engagement rate, far exceeding industry benchmarks. The colorful designs rotating against a solid white background was eye-catching in the feed, enticing users to pause and view all designs as they flashed.


The highest performing organic pin from teh campaign featured the “It’s Mine” bottles as flower vases, successfully combining two of our loyalists’ passion points: Diet Coke and DIY. Pinners rely on the platform heavily for craft inspiration, which greatly attributed to this pin’s success.

Go PIN-World For Film


When you’ve got a movie with a hungry fanbase, the best direction to go is in-world. With two hotly anticipated films, “Deadpool” and “Gone Girl” — for our client 20th Century Fox — we brought the popular lead characters to life on Pinterest by giving fans a peek into their mindsets. For Deadpool, we curated Pinterest boards with special interest pins that the Merc With A Mouth would have collected himself. From a board devoted to chimichangas to one featuring all kinds of brown pants, we gave fans fun content they couldn’t find anywhere else.


For “Gone Girl,” we went deep into the twisted mind of Amy Dunne, creating a Pinterest account that was completely from Amy’s POV, written in her voice (mostly using book excerpts) and pulling all items she mentions in the book. The account saw over 86K impressions on day of press release, with nearly 1.5K followers gained within the first 24 hours of launch. Additionally, this stunt resulted in heavy press pickup from outlets like Popsugar, EW, Bustle, and Today Show.

We’ve loved transforming our clients’ relationships with their customers and fans through innovative and meaning content on Pinterest so far, and we can’t wait to see what pins pop up now that we’re part of the Pin Collective.


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