Pink Dot, LA’s infamous convenient store, is a trail blazer in on-demand delivery. Launching in 1987 as a delivery-only shop, they’ve since evolved into a wholesale business — but delivery remains a key business driver.

“Since the 80s, we knew that on-demand delivery was here to stay. Back in the day we had our drivers go out and do deliveries in these Pink Dot cars. Now, we rely on Postmates for most of our deliveries. Postmates accounts for roughly 20% of our business,” Pink Dot Owner Sol Yamini confirmed.

Yamini went on to say that the relationship with Postmates is most certainly a win-win. “With Postmates, you can get anything delivered, 24/7. We’re open until 3 am and deliver just about anything, from ice cream pints, to soda, to candy… you name it. So with Postmates and Pink Dot, you really can just get about anything you want delivered to your door in minutes!”

“In fact, we are in the process of remodeling our entire store to better accommodate Postmates. There is a separate entrance and delivery door out back, exclusive for Postmate drop-off and pick-up. It’s very efficient.”

Sol further believes that Pink Dot and Postmates are both household names.

“Everyone in LA knows about Pink Dot… Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Fallon went to Pink Dot on a beer run and talked about it on The Tonight Show.”

Similarly, “everyone also knows about Postmates… saying you ‘postmate’ something is like saying you ‘google’ something… it’s part of pop culture.”

“And we can both agree on one thing. Delivery isn’t going anywhere.”

Here’s a peak at what you can order with Pink Dot & Postmates.



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