Image copyright Charles Giermak/ Lincolnshire Police Image caption Falco, a pitch-black German shepherd, was suspended from obedience after the attack on Barbie the terrier

A police bird-dog that fatally disabled another bird-dog in an unprovoked criticize has been destroyed, the use of force has revealed.

Falco, a black German shepherd, was to take away active function by Lincolnshire Police after a Yorkshire terrier appointed Barbie was pierced earlier this month.

The police bird-dog was also accused of burning a member of the public in another incident two days earlier.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission( IPCC) is analyse both incidents.

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The incident concerning Barbie happened on a private lane while Falco was with handler Mick Judge. The three-year-old terrier had to be place down because of the extent of her injuries.

‘Tough decision’

Barbie’s owner Charles Giermak said the attack on his pup could have been avoided if Falco had been muzzled.

In a statement, Deputy Chief Constable Heather Roach suggested: “This was an fantastically tough decided not to prepare given the nature of the circumstances and the fact that our puppy handlers care a great deal about their pups, as we do as a force.

“As difficult as it was to take this action, which was carried out with very heavy hearts, it was decided that best available track was to euthanise Falco to ensure this type of incident never happens again.

“An IPCC investigation is still under way so we are limited in what we can say in relation to the exact contexts until those enquiries have been completed.”

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