Well, actually there are lots of topics to write about on this blog but in my first post I want to mention popular culture and what it makes to us. Today’s one of the biggest issues is the capitalism impels the people to consume excessively and unconsciously. The common point between the popular culture and capitalism is people are become consuming objects by both of them. Because of the fact that pop culture has created a consuming society, it became an important and useful tool for the trade world, in other word capitalism. Societies and individuals who are under the influence of the pop culture have lost their freewill and they are not able to make their own decisions anymore. This is observed mostly in the extent of consuming the objects. The most important feature of pop culture is it gives some hidden messages, even if something is not needed, it makes it necessary and pushes to consume unduly. All the people are members of any class or society, and daily life put the people from different classes together. Pop culture producers pay attention to different classes in the societies, and they create a common culture and consuming perception. In popular culture market, every kind of things are available to consume for each society and individual. Also it is thought that pop culture’s this feature equalize the different stratum and classes of society. Today in the whole world, pop culture and the products are proposed by it is in the process of excess spread and consuming, and this is called globalization by many. We all watch the same movies, wear the same style clothes and same brands, and buy the same technological devices. All of us are like uniform individuals. For example, Apple produces a new device and as soon as it is launched millions of people around the world buy it. In a same way, Chanel designs a new style bag, and thousands of women purchase it without considering its price. Even though they don’t need smart phone, bag or any kind of things, in order to keep pace with the evolving and changing world they want to have it. Popular culture is very far away from liberating the people and it moves on creating a uniform individual. Phenomenons are lying under the pop culture are making people objects and alienating them against society and themselves.


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