7 Habits to Save Your Productivity During the Holiday Madness

As wonderful as the holidays are, this season is anything but relaxing for most of us. It marks a time when most businesses have to go into hyper-drive to meet booming demand from customers and clients. For many, it even accounts for 30% of the year’s profits (according to The National Retail Federation)….

What Feeling Like a Fraud Will Do to Your Career

Feeling like a fraud in your job can spark a vicious cycle. Succumbing to what’s being dubbed “imposter syndrome” leaves individuals feeling unfit and insecure at work, even with evidence to the contrary. The toll it takes on the individual are myriad. Imposter syndrome, which is typified by feelings…

Alexa, What’s Your Favorite Accelerator?

I love Alexa. Of all the various tech things I’ve bought in 2016, Amazon’s Alexa has become the most consistently used new thing in my world. I’ve even had a breakthrough on the home front as Amy now regularly says “Alexa, play …” We’ve got them everywhere and the Echo Dot that showed…

Customers on Vacation? Here Are 4 Strategies Top-Performing Salespeople Follow.

When customers go on vacation, as many will do this holiday season, many sales reps clock out, too. And at first glance, if you’re a sales rep, clocking out probably seems fine — just one less person you need to reach out to or worry about until he or she is back in the office.Related: 6 Infallible…

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