There are 3,675 MILLION internet users (and counting) as I write. Don’t you find it wonderful how you can reach a multitude of audience with a single click. If the power of internet is utilized to its maximum potential the popularity of your blog can grow multifold. Email till date remains one of the best channels to incentivize your business. Here is a list of some of the useful tricks which can help to increase the number of email subscriptions for your blog:

Pop that opt-in

Once you are able to generate some traffic to your blog that’s the time to entice those readers and convert them into your subscribers. Politely offer them the chance to be a part of your subscriber group using various pop-up opt-ins like a slideup box. You can also use WordPress plugins like Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box, SumoMe, GetSiteControl, SendX Widgets etc to design beautiful looking pop-ups.

There are various targeting techniques which you can use to optimize conversion.

1. Bring in that opt-in

“One of the techniques that works best for blogs is to show the pop-up when the user has scrolled up to 60% of your blog.”

However, if the user closes the slideup you have an option to store a cookie which reminds you not to offer the slide up again for the next 30 days.

2. Overlay in your blog homepage

Another twin sister of opt ins through pop up is including an overlay in your blog homepage. E-consultancy suggests that an overlay brings in 400% more email subscriptions. So it’s worth giving a shot. An overlay is a pop-up that shows an opt in with a translucent background. 15 seconds of overlay works best in most cases. The most popular tools available online for adding an overlay are:

· PopUp Domination

· Pippity

· PadiAct

· Hybrid-Connect

· Padiact

· WPSubscribers

and of course our very own SendX Widget 🙂

Do bear in mind that these tools aren’t available for free but they shouldn’t hurt your pocket much. They are available at a price range of $25-$49 per year. However, they are incredibly simple to use and offer wide range of variations where you can experiment with design, timings, headline and size of the overlay.

“Keep them simple. Don’t ask too many questions, only ask for the information you need.”

Who doesn’t like a free incentive?

Lure your audiences with amazing offers like a free eBook, a free trial of your products, gift cards, etc. Here you can grab the attention of the readers using an overlay and offering them a free incentive. There is no math in it, everybody likes to enjoy the riches for free. Bingo! I can totally bet this is bound to generate interest and convert readers into potential subscribers. To build a loyal customer list it’s important to understand that only freebies aren’t going to get the business running. Keep sharing interesting and informative content to keep them engaged.

Conduct brainstorming quizzes and give away contests

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You can run contests and offer interesting quizzes to engage the readers and in turn ask for their details (email, name etc). Along with having fun it will leave a positive impression on your readers. Be edgy but simple about it. Ask them to submit interesting and viral pics or Do It Yourself videos or podcast of your blog. Set up a timeline and then promote your contest like your life depends on it. Once the competition is done, reach out to your audiences and thank them for their support and participation.

Let the World Know

The more social you get the more connections you will make. Spend ample amount of time online on every social platform to mark your presence. Now make this experience worthwhile using following effective ways.

  1. Twitter lead generation card is the new black
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A twitter lead generation card can be attached to your tweets that enables the user to connect with you in a single click. They are easy to create, look beautiful and help you grow your email list.

Please note that for the ‘twitter ads’ option to appear in the drop down, do sign up for a twitter advertising account.

Lead generation card is only available for users from the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland for now.

2. Adopt opt in links in your email signatures

If your focus is growing your email list, let it reflect everywhere. One of the most viral ways is to include the CTA in your signature. Modify your email signature by placing a link which can direct the reader to your most interesting blog, homepage of your website, opt-in etc.

Put subscribe CTA in your email signature

3. Say it out loud

I am sure you must be doing your best to promote your blogs on social networks. Don’t forget to pay attention to the small ways you can allure the readers into your list.

· Link a landing page to your twitter bio with a good CTA phrase like “let me help you grow your blog’s traffic”, etc.

· Pin a tweet to your profile page.

· Facebook brings Sign up. Yes, you heard it right. Facebook has added call to action button which is placed at a very prominent position on your facebook page. With only limited number of buttons to select from I believe “Sign up” meets our requirements.



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