Our columnists take stock after the Premier League season, identifying the most appropriate actor, finest aim, most witty competitor, biggest objection and much more

Best player

Daniel Taylor : NGolo Kant. If he was able to keep Cesc Fbregas out of the Chelsea team, he must be some player.

Barney Ronay: Friendly midfield interceptors are the manner, but Harry Kane has been the superb single participate: top scorer, unit man and with just enough comic-book star quality.

Dominic Fifield : Eden Hazard, liberated by Antonio Contes button in system, furnished the cut and thrust which induced Chelsea to their title success. Given his toils last season as he fought with a hip objection, his resurrection was eye-catching. Paul Wilson : It maybe doesnt topic which Chelsea candidate gets the vote, so in the rights and interests of sharing things around I am going to go for Csar Azpilicueta. He seems to be able to play in any place across the back strand and his consistency and perversity are unaffected. Amy Lawrence : If you could bottle the spirit of Kant and sell it to football clubs it would be a bestseller. He has an ability to represent others around him better, to make a game plan quicker. The road he carried his Leicester tone so easily to Chelsea, to be transformative instantaneously, deserves all the plaudits. Barry Glendenning : Jordan Pickford. Exclusively in Sunderlands first team because David Moyes has not been able to entice Joe Hart on loan to Wearside, the 23 -year-old attracted off the impressive feat of acquiring himself one of the most sought-after young goalkeepers in Europe despite playing in the Premier Leagues worst unit. Even though he prone to the increasingly uncommon gaffe, its difficult to select punctures in different aspects of Pickfords overall recreation and its no exaggeration to say that without him, Sunderland might well have been demoted before the sighting of the following spring first swallow. David Hytner : Eden Hazard. Back to his very best. His ability to build certain differences when it matters the most lines him out. Scott Murray : Diego Costa continued Chelsea going throughout the autumnal odyssey that effectively ended the league, all the while remain in attribute as pantomime provocateur. Homeric. Well miss his entertaining spirit when hes exited.

Jamie Jackson: Dele Alli. Seventeen Premier League points at 175 instants per impres for a No10 is top class. At 21, a player with that perimeter all elite actors own has to get better.

Andy Hunter: Eden Hazard. The endorses were not simply a exceedingly defensive team, as a former director bearing sour grapes suggested. They were also the most devastating and smart team in the final third thanks mainly to the Belgium internationals return to form.

Louise Taylor: Sam Clucas, Hull City; runner up, David Luiz, Chelsea. There are other, far more obvious, nominees but placed in the context of Clucass achievement in ascending five rings of the tournament ladder in successive seasons it has to be the left-footed midfielder. Impressive since being altered from a wide character to central midfield this term, the intelligence of Clucass transferring countenances the specific characteristics of Glenn Hoddle, who persuasion him not to give up the game before honing his knowledge at his football academy in Spain. David Luiz, meanwhile, is lovely to watch and his re-invention in Antonio Contes back three has thoroughly perplexed the doubters.

Stuart James: Gylfi Sigurdsson. Directly involved in 22 of Swansea Citys 43 goals. For a actor to repeatedly create and tally so many destinations in a squad that wasted nearly the entire season contending relegation is quite something.

Jacob Steinberg : After last-place seasons sabbatical, Eden Hazard rediscovered his mojo in thrilling form and knew the consistency to go with his outrageous aptitude. NGolo Kant was a worthwhile recipient of the PFA and FWA awards, but Hazard was Chelseas match-winner on so many occasions.

Paul Doyle: Kasper Schmeichel. While the rest of last seasons champs lost their way, the goalkeeper was the only Leicester player to improve. Yes, there was that 6–1 overcome by Spurs but, taking a broader view, Schmeichel was an example to us all in these distressed times.

Simon Burnton : The bright, hard-working, humble and likeable NGolo Kant deserves all the player-of-the-season bestows currently cluttering his mantelpiece. Ed Aarons : NGolo Kant deserves his awards for winning two seconds consecutive Premier League title, but Christian Eriksens return to form coincided with Tottenhams emergence as Chelseas simply sincere challengers. Even 13 abets and eight Premier League objectives do not explain the importance of the Denmark international to Mauricio Pochettino. Csar Azpilicueta likewise deserves a mention.

Sachin Nakrani : Gylfi Sigurdsson. The Iceland international directly contributed to almost half of Swanseas Premier League objectives and, quite simply, without him they would have been relegated, suffering all the fallout that comes with that, which, it should be remembered, includes parties losing their jobs.

Best director

Daniel Taylor : Antonio Conte. Even Jos Mourinho has stopped temporarily, at the least trying to undermine him. How, maybe, can anyone question what he has done to get Chelsea back on top?

Barney Ronay: Antonio Conte. Hurled together on the hoof a wonderfully well-grooved champ squad, eased John Terry out of the picture without the slightest friction and on competitor daytimes remains the most ludicrously stimulated follower about anything ever.

Dominic Fifield : Antonio Conte. In a conference crammed with elite directors, he accommodated good to the peculiarities of the Premier League and ceased up putting all the other big names to shame.

Paul Wilson : It was going to be Marco Silva until a few days ago, but now Hull are back in the real world after a short visit to dreamland there seems no extent in searching past the obvious. Antonio Conte is more difficult to have hoped for a better first season in England. In terms of impact, it reads it all that he can now accord Carlo Ancelottis double as well as Jos Mourinhos Premier League preserve of wins in a season.

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Amy Lawrence : Conte. From the very first competition of the Premier League campaign when he celebrated a late win over West Ham with that zealous touchline rage, he has managed almost every situation with permission, class and style. In tactical adjustments and husband administration, introducing the best out of characters as different as David Luiz, Diego Costa, Victor Moses and Pedro, he just missed a beat. Barry Glendenning : Antonio Conte. Charming and handsome, with the touchline demeanor of a serviceman who has just had a large few of red ants descent down the trousers of his expensive decorator clothing, the issue is little to dislike about Chelseas manager. His switch to a back three in the wake of defeat at Arsenal has been heralded in some quarters as the greatest managerial masterstroke in its own history of football and while that may be be over-egging the dessert reasonably, the manner in which he steered his team to the claim with a minimum of fuss in a season when one or more of Messrs Klopp, Mourinho and Guardiola were expected to have his quantify was no aim feat. David Hytner : Antonio Conte. It has been another staggeringly impressive season for Mauricio Pochettino but Contes has been better. Took over a Chelsea squad with both problems and, in what has been his first season outside of Italy, moulded them into champions. Scott Murray : Heres a respectful gesture to Arsne Wenger, who in addition to yet another high conference rank and yet another cup final, somehow maintained super-human levels of dignity despite intense provocation from an entitled minority. An amazing stunt. His is likely to be much the very best review when this story is told 20 times from now.

Jamie Jackson: Antonio Conte. He coached the volatile Costa to 20 conference points and may win the classic English double in his introduction season.

Andy Hunter: Conte is the stand-out pick , is not simply for triumphing the Premier League title in his first season in English football but for how he responded to potential crises notably the 3–0 defeat at Arsenal and Januarys stand-off with Costa.

Louise Taylor: Sean Dyche, Burnley. Antonio Conte clearly has a strong lawsuit while, despite narrowly failing to keep Hull up, Marco Silva diverted sea into wine-colored in east Yorkshire. Then theres Mauricio Pochettino, whose Tottenham team play superb football on about one half the collective payment legislation of other top six slopes, but maintaining Burnley in the Premier League is a significant achievement. Granted the same relatively limited resources as Dyche, would Jos Mourinho or Pep Guardiola have done anything like as well?

Stuart James: Antonio Conte. Immensely impressive to prevail the designation in his first season in English football tactically astute, full of feeling for the game and gives the impression that every actor, even those not regularly in his starting XI, buys into his work.

Jacob Steinberg : A gesture to Sean Dyche for hindering Burnley away from the relegation scrap, but it has to be Conte, who outshone his competitors by rejuvenating a misfiring, uneven force with the power of his motivational calibers, tactical acumen and virulent are willing to win.

Paul Doyle: Sean Dyche. Burnley never looked like going down, which is remarkable.

Simon Burnton : Great as Tottenham have once again been under Mauricio Pochettino, Antonio Contes influence at Chelsea has been greater. Ed Aarons : Antonio Conte. The Italian simply been able to reach Stamford Bridge a month before Chelseas first competition of the season but has emerged as a deed win in his first season in English football. The switch to 3–4–3 shall determine Contes success but the former Juventus midfielder has also established his man-management abilities in dealing with Diego Costas regular tantrums. Sachin Nakrani : Antonio Conte. Winning the entitle in your first season in England is a superb achievement, particularly when it involves reinvigorating a crew that had been in turmoil during the previous campaign.

Best destination

Daniel Taylor : Olivier Girouds scorpion kick for Arsenal against Crystal Palace. Barney Ronay : Girouds flowing scorpion attack, a charming move and a incongruous finish, made all the more improbable by the fact he seems to stop mid-scorpion to winch his leg up a little higher, like a exceedingly potent serviceman trying to moved his lane over a garden fence. Dominic Fifield : Eden Hazard against Arsenal, sprinting away from Laurent Koscielny and holding off Francis Coquelins attempts to drawing him down, then finishing before Shkodran Mustafi could block. Paul Wilson : Sam Allardyce will have been more concerned about some unconvincing Crystal Palace defending, but Andy Carrolls overhead kick against Crystal Palace takes some beating for wow cause. Not a unit goal, perhaps, but Carroll threw a lot of himself into it.

Amy Lawrence : The Emre Can/ Giroud/ Henrikh Mkhitaryan showpieces lead the way for individualism, but there was something that struck a chord about Willians goal for Chelsea at Everton in a game that detected so influential for the name. What a fine unit goal. The tone of Cesc Fbregass operate and pass for Willian summed up the brio Chelsea rediscovered this season. That was the moment they experienced undeniably like champions again.

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Barry Glendenning : Gastn Ramrez. Possibly not best available, but almost certainly the only circumstance in the best interests any Middlesbrough footballer did all season Ramrezs fine solo endeavor transmitted goal-shy Boro on their channel to their first dwelling winning. Picking up the ball inside his own half and encouraged by the strange hesitancy of anyone in a Bournemouth shirt to shut him down, the Uruguayan embarked on a 70 -yard run down the inside left that climaxed with him hurriedly cutting inside and slotting dwelling. Buoyed by this rare moment of quality and brainchild, Middlesbrough went on to win three more Premier League competitions, while their increasingly unpopular summer sign would go on to tallied exclusively one more goal as his area sank below the depths. David Hytner : Andy Carroll v Crystal Palace. Nothing has the ability to introducing jaw to the floor more quickly than the pulsate scissor kick. Especially when it is carried out by a big man. Scott Murray : Olivier Giroud against Palace. A finish so ridiculous its easy-going to forget the six-player pitch-long romp that predated it, exaggerated by a centre-circle back-flick from Giroud himself. English footballs most eye-catching sweep forward since Terry McDermott tallied against Spurs in 1978.

Jamie Jackson: Henrikh Mkhitaryans scorpion kick versus Sunderland on Boxing Day. Zlatan Ibrahimovic pings a cross over from the right and the Armenian gives croak a operating back-heeled barrage. Delicious.

Andy Hunter: Dimitri Payet, West Ham United v Middlesbrough. Other purposes carried more load in the context of the season Emre Can against Watford and Eden Hazards v Arsenal being the most notable precedents but based purely on its merits this momentary reminder of the quality the France international could bring to the Premier League had no peers.

Louise Taylor: Robert Snodgrass v Leicester City. The winner in a 2–1 outrage opening-day win against the defend champions for Mike Phelans side. When Wes Morgan could only half-clear Ahmed Elmohamadys fierce cross, the projectile descended to Snodgrass whose first-time, left hoofed, half-volley arrowed into the bottom corner.

Stuart James: Emre Cans bicycle kick against Watford must take some whip. In fairness, Olivier Girouds scorpion kick against Palace is also worthy of a mention.

Emre Can gives operate with a sumptuous overhead knock against Watford. Picture: John Walton/ PA Jacob Steinberg : Gaston Ramrezs slaloming 70 -yard run against Bournemouth ended with a inventive manoeuvre and a cool finish. Sure, Andy Carroll, Olivier Giroud and Henrikh Mkhitaryan all took the sigh away with those scorpion knocks and bicycle bombs. But in an otherwise frightful season for Middlesbrough, the facts of the case Ramrezs solo effort was a uncommon moment of exhilaration acquires it all the more precious. Simon Burnton : Olivier Girouds New Years Day scorpion kick wasnt even Januarys goal of the month, and there are a few rival barrages that compare with it, but to my recollection it is the best of the cluster. It has grown on the scorer as much as it has grown on me: after video games he said he was a bit luck. It was the only occasion I could do. I tried to hit it with a backheel and after it was all about fluke, but by March he was saying: I dont wishes to big myself up but objectives like mine leave a mark on history. Andy Carrolls[ overhead kicking] is magnificent, but maybe beings wont remember it in two years period. Mine, yes.

Paul Doyle: Wayne Rooney against Stoke. It was a hell of a space to grasp a late equaliser, mounted a wonderful register and convince Jos Mourinho he had been able to finally jilt an over-the-hill hero.

Ed Aarons : In a season of fantastic attacks, Emre Can saved the best for last-place. His brilliant overhead kicking against Watford left good-for-nothing to likelihood, unlike Olivier Giroud or Henrikh Mkhitaryans scorpion kicks. Sachin Nakrani : Olivier Giroud v Crystal Palace. In a season of conspicuous scorpion/ overhead kicks, this one edges it because of the slick counter-attack that predated it and which Giroud was involved in as well as the meridian at which boot satisfied dance prior to it looping into the net.

Best pair

Daniel Taylor : At the risk of sounding like a squalor, its not easy to think of a stand-out competition this season. Nothing left home as excited as, enunciate, identifying Monaco in the Champions League. Barney Ronay : Swansea 5–4 Crystal Palace. Messy, wild and desperate at times, but this is basically what the Premier League is for. Dominic Fifield : Bournemouths madcap 4–3 win over Liverpool was entertaining, but Crystal Palaces prevail at Chelsea in April encapsulated everything about the baffling quality of the Premier League at times. Chelsea were exquisite moves forward, playing wonderfully incisive and inventive football. Palace protected ruggedly and, somehow, retained them out. Paul Wilson : The one that lodges in the mind is Manchester City 1–3 Chelsea. An eventful and humorous game, with some dead-eyed finishing by Chelsea to leave Pep Guardiola murmuring about Kevin de Bruynes miss for the rest of the season. A substantial entitle arrow at the Etihad too, for the second successive season following Leicesters statement win in February. Amy Lawrence : Swansea 5–4 Crystal Palace. Lovely, splendid, beautiful, panic-struck madness. The best of the Bob Bradley experience. Alan Pardew trying to put on a courageous look. First on Match of the Day for an unanticipated competition. Whats not to like?

Barry Glendenning: Bournemouth 4–3 Liverpool. They dont get much more entertainingthan this white-knuckle rideat the Vitality Stadium.


Leroy Fer tallies during Swanseas rollercoaster 5–4 victory over Crystal Palace. Photo: Christopher Lee/ Getty Images David Hytner : Swansea v Crystal Palace. Never thoughts the defending at both ends, this was a classic, loaded with drama, and the vistums after Fernando Llorentes stoppage-time winner seems to shake the Liberty Stadium. Both of the managers, Bob Bradley and Alan Pardew, were sacked within a few months or so. Scott Murray : Manchester City 1–1 Liverpool. It truly wouldnt have taken often for this competition to have ended 5–0, 0–5 or 5–5. One of those.

Jamie Jackson: Burnleys emphatic win over Liverpool at Turf Moor on the seasons second weekend perforated a loophole in the title assertions of Jrgen Klopps team and advocated Sean Dyches beings would exist. Those auguries were demonstrated correct.

Andy Hunter: Everton 4–0 Manchester City. Selecting from Premier League equals accompanied, this raucous afternoon at Goodison Park stands out for numerous rationales. In Ronald Koemans sees it was really perfect and a total squad execution from Everton. It showed the emergence of Tom Davies, who scored his first objective for the golf-club with an elegant microchip over Claudio Bravo at the Gwladys Street end, and brought a debut purpose for Ademola Lookman with one of the adolescents first suggestions in the Premier League. For Pep Guardiola, nonetheless, it highlighted the defensive and mental imperfections at Manchester City, represented the heaviest conference defeat of his managerial profession and left him acknowledging the entitle was beyond his unit for this season.

Louise Taylor: If this makes watched live, its a difficult one to rebuttal. As north-east correspondent Ive surely appreciated a few nominees for worst activity at Sunderland and Middlesbrough and the very best ones I covered invariably involved Newcastle United in the Championship. One top-tier activity does stick in the recollection though; Hull 3–3 Crystal Palace in December. A six-goal thriller peculiarity a bright, mesmerising action from Palaces Wilfried Zaha.

Stuart James: Swansea City 5–4 Crystal Palace. A nine-goal thriller that was 1–1 with 25 hours standing then all hell let loose. Bob Bradley and Alan Pardew, the respective managers, went through every emotion get and, in truth, it wasnt actually surprising that neither male lasted much longer in the job. For what its worth, the reporters at the game were also in a terrifying state entered the end.

Jacob Steinberg : Crystal Palace 0–4 Sunderland. Sunderland were so surprised about scoring four goals in a single half that they didnt win another game until they were already demoted. In their defense, Ive only just recovered from the startle as well. Simon Burnton : Liverpools 4–3 acquire at the Emirates on the seasons opening weekend was everything you could request it to be and more. Good attacking, wonderful goals from open performance, a dazzling free kick, brilliant man ability, embarrassing manager-hugging observances, sunshine, it had the lot. The only possible reaction was yes delight, Ill have nine months more of that. Which, sadly, neither unit could deliver.

Paul Doyle: Leicester 4–2 Manchester City. Thrilling and now and then brilliant, but also strange, outrageous and laughable. A snapshot of this seasons Premier League.

Ed Aarons : Swansea 5–4 Palace. Extending 4–3 with the game past the 90 -minute mark, Alan Pardew must have appeared pretty good. His crew had just combated back from 3–1 down with exclusively 15 hours remaining to lead, simply to surrender the points to Fernando Llorentes double in hurt time.
 Sachin Nakrani : Manchester City 1–1 Liverpool. A high-octane, end-to-end, relentlessly-thrilling encounter only let down by poverty-stricken finishing. A mention, very, for Swanseas 5–4 victory over Crystal Palace. A madcap encounter that checked two points in stoppage time and Alan Pardew panicking the worst.

Best adjudicator

Daniel Taylor : Keith Hackett. I accompany his reviews of the present crop and marvel that he must never have made a mistake in his life. Barney Ronay : Clatts. Will be missed, in part for his unintentional humor, when he foliages for Sauds. Dominic Fifield : Probably Martin Atkinson or Michael Oliver. Paul Wilson : No idea. They all search the same to me. Makes enunciate Martin Atkinson. Amy Lawrence : Michael Oliver doesnt seem to want to be the hotshot as much as some. He gives the impression of craving best available competition possible.

Barry Glendenning : Mike Dean. His no-lookyellow card to Ross Barkley in the Merseyside derby at Goodison Park was a happening of beauty.

Referee Mike Deans no-look yellow card given to Ross Barkley was a situation of charm. Image: Jason Cairnduff/ Reuters David Hytner : I dont have strong impressions on the two categories this season. Id still respond Mark Clattenburg is the best. Scott Murray : Refs are lightning rods for impotent resentment, widespread paranoia and myopic rage. Objective accolade doesnt come into it, its not what theyre there for.

Jamie Jackson: The video official what a fearless invention. What? They still do not exist despite everybody else having access to ad nauseam replays?

Andy Hunter: Any nomination will incur the indignation of at least one club though Anthony Taylor continues to improve so in the interests of harmony gives just say its not Jon Moss.

Louise Taylor: Probably Mark Clattenburg( despite missing the latter part of the season following move to Saudi Arabia .)

Stuart James: Not much to get excited about here. Martin Atkinson, Mark Clattenburg( yes, I realise hes now travelled) and Michael Oliver would be in the top three. Oliver, on a good day, gets the nod.

Jacob Steinberg : Michael Oliver get my vote, capped by penalizing Manchester Uniteds cynic rotational fouling on Hazard in the FA Cup. Simon Burnton : Mark Clattenburg. He sometimes consider this to be he thinks hes best available umpire in the territory, which is unappealing, but that doesnt see him wrong.

Paul Doyle: Mike Dean. The only one aimed at ensuring respect for the shirt-tugging directive with something close to consistency. And technology will never have mannerisms as entertaining as his.

Ed Aarons : Mark Clattenburg and Martin Atkinson often get the biggest gigs from Uefa and Fifa, but Michael Oliver remains the outstanding reviewer in the two countries. Still simply 32, the Ashington official has been in charge of more competitions( 31) than anyone else and issued just two crimson cards. Sachin Nakrani : Unlike 99% of people who watch football in this country, I dont have a strong deem on umpires. They all seem approximately the same and their misunderstandings, while sometimes astounding, never tempt me into reaching for a pitchfork.

Best signing

Daniel Taylor : Mamadou Sakho. Beings chuckled when a January loan signing was nominated for Crystal Palaces participate of the season honor. But without him Palace would be down. Barney Ronay : Leroy San. What a lovely mover, what a calm brain, what a nice young man. Seems to have no real limit to how good he could be. Dominic Fifield : NGolo Kant was key to Leicester Citys startling success in 2016, and just as influential to that of Chelsea in 2017. A blur of energy and interceptions, and at the heart of everything Chelsea have achieved.
 Paul Wilson : Where would Manchester United be without Zlatan Ibrahimovics contribution? Barely the best importance ratify, and not exactly one for the future either, but until injury struck he did what he had been brought in to do. Amy Lawrence : Hard to argue with Kant for overall impact. Honourable mentions to Mamadou Sakho who made a big difference to Crystal Palaces quagmire, and Gabriel Jesus for being a great ratify who appears bound to glisten more for Manchester City in future. Barry Glendenning : NGolo Kant. David Hytner : David Luiz. Has shown that underneath the mad whisker lies an intelligent reader of video games. Has exceeded in the middle of a back three. Long elapse continues beautiful to watch. Scott Murray : Gabriel Jesus, a score-any-sort genius destined to clang in an illogical number of destinations. Had he not picked up that hurt in February, Manchester City would have given Chelsea a race.

Jamie Jackson: Eric Bailly. Manchester United seem to have crowded the Nemanja Vidic-sized gap created by his 2014 difference. Costing 30 m from Villarreal, the Ivorian is a tough, dominant 23 -year-old who can be a fixture for a decade.

Andy Hunter: Paul Clement. Swansea City were bottom and gazing certain for relegation when they appointed their third director of awareness-raising campaigns in January. Astute signings such as Tom Carroll and reassuring a crew to buy into yet another managerial expres facilitated the former Bayern Munich assistant to have an impact that they are able figure a clubs short-term future.

Louise Taylor: Eric Bailly for Manchester United. At 30 m he wasnt cheaps but goodness knows how far United and Mourinho might have settled without Baillys central defensive excellence.

Stuart James: NGolo Kant “wouldve been” up there, though it was a rather obvious piece of business on Chelseas part, given the Frenchmans wallop at Leicester the season before. With that in memory, and taking it account the size of the fee, Ill go for Victor Wanyama, Tottenhams 11 m recruit from Southampton.

Jacob Steinberg : On the basis that signal Kant was a no-brainer after last seasons manipulates, there is a requirement to admire Chelsea for manufacturing the restore of David Luiz a success. Its easy to forget that there were batch of doubts about the Brazilian where reference is signed on deadline era. Simon Burnton : Crystal Palace acquired six of the 30 competitions they played without Mamadou Sakho in their line-up this season, but five of the eight in which the Liverpool loanee showed, hindering five clean expanses in the process( weighing their 1–0 defeat at Spurs, in which he was forced off after 57 goalless minutes and they conceded in the 78 th ). No other signing was so transformational. Paul Doyle : Mamadou Sakho. Liverpool outcast, Crystal Palace saviour. Ed Aarons : Hard to argue with NGolo Kant for 30 m, who conveyed from one blue title-winning shirt to another with minimum of fuss. Victor Wanyama, 11 m from Southampton, has had almost the same effect for Tottenham, albeit for a third of the price. Sachin Nakrani : Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I was among the people who fantasized the 35 -year-old, while undeniably talented, would strive in England. Instead “hes having” gone on to become one of best available free carries in Premier League history.

Worst dud

Daniel Taylor : Pep Guardiola. Perhaps our expectations were too high but, after all that waiting, it has been a real letdown. Claudio Bravo sees a close second, which are likely represents the point. Barney Ronay : Claudio Bravo of course, the first goalkeeper Ive “ve ever seen” receive an ironic round of praise from his own love for making a save.

Dominic Fifield : Moussa Sissoko has hardly pulled up any trees since becoming Tottenham Hotspurs record signing, which has not call as much of a surprise to those who watched him regularly at Newcastle United.

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Paul Wilson : The gentleman who was tired of London. Dimitri Payet was a big letdown at West Ham United. The clubs 2015 -1 6 actor of the year and muse for a stadium mural at least ought to have been able to manage a full season before leaving. Amy Lawrence : Jointly gifted to Manchester United and Arsenal, neither of whom were able to mount a serious defy for the Premier League title despite recruiting heavily last summer to apparently boost their push.

Barry Glendenning: Pep Guardiola. Assignment with his most difficult job in managing thus far, even by his own admittance the Manchester City director have put forward woefully short.

David Hytner : Simone Zaza. His outlandish retribution at the Euros for Italy was merely the prelude. Saw his loan charm at West Ham United cut short after 11 parallels and no goals because, had he played a little bit more, the club would have had to buy him outright. Moved to Valencia in January. Scott Murray : Pep Guardiola arrived in England with a big honour … for being super-surly in press conferences. His splendid indifference for daft wonders has at times reflect through this was simply majestic but has still not been with Fergie or Louis van Gaal levels of consistency. Hes got the press corps sounded, though, if the repeated conjure of the subject on the Sunday Supplement is anything to go by. He now needs to go in for the kill.

Jamie Jackson: Claudio Bravo. Pep Guardiola probably blew Manchester Citys hopes of winning anything in his first season when bombarding out Joe Hart and compensating 14.5 m for the Chilean on 25 August. Bravo in a word? Hapless.

Andy Hunter: Claudio Bravo. There were more expensive corrects than the Manchester City goalkeeper Tottenhams 30 m outlay on Moussa Sissoko for example but his recruitment was fundamental to how Pep Guardiola envisaged his first season in the Premier League and only serve to undercut it. That is not to say it was a mistake to oust Joe Hart, who has toiled at Torino, exclusively that Bravo was the incorrect option.

Louise Taylor: Moussa Sissoko, Tottenham Hotspur. Rafael Bentez is rightly proud of persuasion Spurs to part with 30 m for a midfielder who played a big its participation in Newcastle Uniteds relegation last year and whose Euro 2016 cameos for France flattered to entrap. Certainly when HMRC lately raided St James Park, club staff joked about whether they were investigating the fraud of 30m from Spurs.

Stuart James: A few in the combination here Borja Bastn at Swansea, Jordon Ibe at Bournemouth and Ahmed Musa at Leicester all come to mind. But Claudio Bravo, Manchester Citys 17 m goalkeeper, is surely the standout nominee. What were you thinking of, Pep?

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