Today is a great day for a professional listing site I am coding. Its called “The Pro” and its hosted here . The first thing was a core contributor of Ruby on Rails and Gnu has posted his profile , I am thrilled about it.

The second thing was I checking how I rank on google search, here is the result

The Pro seems to have good ranking

I was amazed to find out that my profile on The Pro has reached the ninth result (see the red circled) , that too on the first page. This means that other people who do put their profiles in The Pro do have a good chance of getting their Google searches ranked high.

I am doing this project so that I can build a system thats not as evil as Linkedin , hope I will succeed, possibly making money from it too. Hope I will have a good heart rather than trying to make quick money.

One thing I am adamant is I will not hide data that people wish to tell about themselves to the world and make filthy money out of it.


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