You know when you come up with an idea but then you think it’s got to have been done already, there’s no way you’re the first one to think of this? That has happened to me when I thought of putting QR codes on For Sale/To Let boards. I looked into it further because I was thinking it could be one of two things:

1. I can’t believe I have thought of this idea, it’s going to be a fantastic way to market the properties advertised AND nobody has thought of it before.

2. If it’s been thought of already (which I’m sure it has) why is it not being used in the industry today because I have never seen a board with a QR code on.

After looking into this further I found it had been thought of already (I’m not surprised) and property websites were talking about the concept but it’s not being used, why? So I wanted to look into it even further and here’s how you can do it.

So how do you create a QR code?

1. Go to

2. Enter your URL into the URL box. So here you can either link to a website home page or you can be really specific with which page you want it to go to. So in Real Estate you’d enter a link to a specific property’s page.

Then you get…

So at this point your QR code has been created. If you haven’t already, download a QR code scanner from your app store (you can download Unitag’s one but any will do.) Then after you’ve downloaded one, scan your new QR code.

So you can either finish there or you can carry on and customise it more. I personally wouldn’t leave it as standard because you could customise it to make it unique to your personal or company brand. There’s several ways you can customise the QR code you can either:

  • Change the colour to match your brand.

Single Colour:

I think a single colour works well, nothing too much and straight to the point.

Overlayed Image:

Personally I would never use this, it doesn’t work well and I think it ruins the QR Code.

Shaded Colour:

Now I actually really like this option. You get a choice of shading type but I do think this looks really stylish.

So which would I use? I think I would use the single colour option on For Sale/To Let boards, the reason is because I think it needs to be straightforward and nothing too fancy. Plus, the QR code isn’t going to be too big so I think the single colour is enough. If you were to get a QR code on a business card or a leaflet then I’d probably look at the shaded colour option.

· Change the shape to make it look more appealing.

Now this is down to personal preference. Have a look through all the options and see which one appeals to you the most.

· Use your logo as a centre image.

Nothing will make the QR code more unique than this. I would personally have the company logo in the centre and the colour of the code itself matching my brand and I think this would be the best option to have on boards outside of a property.

· Use a social media template.

If you are linking to one of your social media pages then it’s clear that this is the best option. The colour and logo is already set so you don’t have to do any of that yourself.

So there you have it, a finished QR code. Then you can download it to use wherever you’d like.

Unitag advise that you test the code once you’ve finished the design just to make sure it still works after all the changes you’ve made.

So now we’ve got a QR code all you need to do now is get it printed on to clear stickers. You’d need a minimum of 2 (one for the front and one for the back) but I’d get some spares printed. Why? Because the QR could be used for more than just the property’s For Sale/To Let board. You could put them on a similar property that has sold. Then if people scan the QR code, it will take them to a property that’s similar to the one that’s sold to give them an alternative.

I hope you’ve been able to see how this idea would benefit the Real Estate industry. Nothing in this article is expensive, it’s free to create the code, you’d just need to buy blank clear stickers to print on to if you didn’t want the expensive of outsourcing that.

It’s mind blowing to think of the impact that this would have. You’d make the customer journey much easier because they wouldn’t have to worry about trying to find the property online.

Side thought:
 Just think what someones has to do if they liked the look of a property as they drove by…

They’d either have to pull up, look online and either guess the number of bedrooms and price range to narrow the search down or look through a lot of small thumbnails that look very similar and look out for the street name.


Call the agent with very vague information because they don’t know the price, number of bedrooms and sometimes may not even know the street name.

OR (if they’re in a rush)

Drive by, remember the street and hope they remember it when they come to do their property search.

So what would happen if all boards had QR codes on them?

They’d drive by, pull up, get their phone out, scan the QR code, and look at the property details there and then. 
It’s even suitable for people that are in a rush. 
Drive by, pull up (quickly), get their phone out (quickly), scan the QR code (quickly) then save the link to look at later when it’s more suitable.
Okay, I get it, not everyone will have a QR code scanner on their phone so they may need to download one but I bet that’d still be quicker than the scenarios above. Plus, if this was standard (which it should be) people would make sure they have a QR code scanner on their phone once they begin their property search.

Doesn’t it make sense? It just saves so much hassle, it makes the customer journey much better and it’d be good for marketing. People may scan the code, maybe see the property isn’t suitable and look at what else is available on the website. 
And as I said earlier, you can start putting codes on sold boards for other properties available that are similar to the one that has sold. It’s just a no brainer if you ask me.

So what do you think, do you think everybody in Real Estate should be doing this?

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